Top Nursing Schools in Kansas City

Acquiring a university degree in nursing can lead to a challenging but rewarding career in the medical field. Nurses play a vital role as medical practitioners, working in a variety of different environments including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home-based settings.

With an estimated growth rate of 16% over the next 8 years, which is 9% above the average job growth rate in the United States, now is the perfect time to pursue a satisfying career in the nursing profession. This career path can also be financially rewarding, with a 2015 median salary of $67,490.

To acquire a position as a nurse, it’s important to secure the proper credentials. There are a number of schools in the Kansas City-area, but there are also a number of factors that you should consider when making a choice to attend one of these schools. Some things to think about include the accessibility and quality of teachers, flexibility of classes, and the track record the school has when it comes to helping previous graduates find employment.

With these things in mind, this article features a list of the 7 best nursing schools in Kansas City, Missouri.

Cost of program: $29,782 for the entire program

Program type: Diploma/certificate

Program length: 50 weeks

Concorde Career CollegeThe campus in Kansas City is one of Concorde Career College’s 10 locations throughout the United States. One of the highlights of the Practical Nursing program at Concorde is that it’s only 50 weeks in length, which means that you could be ready to pursue a career in practical nursing in as few as 13 months. This program emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning from day 1 so that you’re fully prepared for your first day of your real-world career. Because Concorde wants its students to succeed, it also provides comprehensive help when it comes to finding financial aid that you qualify for and showing you how to access these resources. It also offers scholarships for qualifying students. With a job placement rate of 88% for graduates, it won’t be long until you’re working in a career that you love.

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#2 – Avila University

Cost of program: $27,980 per year

Program type: Bachelors degree

Program length: 4 years

Avila UniversityThe Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Avila University has an outstanding reputation as one of the oldest baccalaureate programs of nursing in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Upon graduating from the program, graduates will be well prepared to have a successful career as a staff nurse. Past graduates have had the opportunity to be employed in a number of different positions of nursing leadership, including directors of medical facilities, leadership roles in the American Nurses’ association, and executive directors of national research projects. The curriculum at Avila prepares nurses for future developments in the medical field through a wide variety of clinical experiences, including many community-based clinical experiences.

#3 – National American University

Cost of program: $13,269 per year

Program type: Associate degree

Program length: 2 years

National American UniversityNational American University’s Associate of Science in Nursing degree focuses on providing students with the skills needed to provide quality patient care in their future careers. The school works with leading professionals in the industry to ensure that all programs are relevant to the needs and demands of today’s healthcare. The faculty and staff at National American University are committed to assisting students as they work towards entering the nursing profession.

#4 – Metropolitan Community College

Cost of program: $15,407 for the entire program

Program type: Associate degree

Program length: 2 years

Metropolitan Community CollegeMetropolitan Community College’s Associate in Applied Science, Nursing program helps prepare future Registered Nurses for a wide range of duties. In order to help students apply for and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, MCC teaches essential skills including how to perform diagnostic tests and analyze results, how to explain post-treatment home care needs, how to recommend diet, nutrition and exercise programs, and how to provide advice and emotional support to patients and family members. Students in this two-year program receive hands-on experience and excellent instruction in the school’s state-of-the-art Health Science Institute.

#5 – Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences

Cost of program: $452 per credit hour

Program type: Bachelors degree

Program length: 4 years

Saint Lukes College of Health SciencesSaint Luke’s College of Health Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree that gives students the understanding and skills they need to adapt to the rapid changes in healthcare. The entire curriculum at Saint Luke’s is developed by faculty who focus on building robust courses that maximize learning.  This school strives to open the door for students to exciting career possibilities, opportunities for advancement, and a better understanding of how to treat their future patients.

#6 – University of Missouri-Kansas City

Cost of program: $534.23 per credit hour

Program type: Bachelors degree

Program length: 4 years

University of Missouri-Kansas CityThe BSN program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City starts its students off on the right foot by providing hands-on clinical experiences in the first semester of their sophomore year. Theses experiences are diverse and varied, featuring a wide range of patients in a mix of urban and suburban settings within hospitals that are privately-owned, publicly-owned, and teaching institutions. The curriculum at this school emphasizes critical qualities such as complex problem-solving and management skills, and it has the full approval of the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

#7 – Research College of Nursing

Cost of program: $34,000 per semester

Program type: Bachelor degree

Program length: 4 years

Research College of NursingResearch College of Nursing is a small, fully accredited private college that specializes in quality nursing education. In partnership with Rockhurst University, it offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program that is awarded jointly by the two colleges. This partnership between two schools provides a rich environment for student learning in a number of courses, including liberal arts, humanity, and science. Because the school is sponsored by Research Medical Center, its students have access to the most current state-of-the-art equipment.