Top Nursing Schools in Los Angeles and Hollywood

Los Angeles is a fast-paced, exciting city with a population of more than 3.5 million, and with over 124,390 employed nurses already working in the field, the need for nursing professionals in this metropolitan area continues to grow at a steady pace.

Those that choose to pursue an education in nursing are sure to experience an exciting and rewarding career path. Playing a vital role in the modern healthcare system, registered and licensed professional nurses are afforded the opportunity to provide and coordinate patient care in a variety of different medical facilities. Additionally, with the steady stream of new developments in the medical field, nursing is a career that is always filled with new and exciting challenges.

When it comes to the prospects of the profession as a whole, the horizon is bright for those working as nurses. The estimated job growth rate for nurses is 16% by 2022, which is 9% higher than the general average growth rate for the United States. Additionally, nurses working in California experience the added benefit of a higher than normal average salary. The median salary for nurses in California is $73,000, and can be as high as $120,500 depending on the specific qualification and position held.

For those looking to pursue the nursing career path, it is important to have a solid educational foundation in place. There are several things to consider when deciding on which program to enrol in, including the flexibility of classes, the quality and accessibility of teachers, and the track record that the school has when it comes to helping graduates find work after the program ends.

This article was written to inform you about the 7 best nursing schools in Los Angeles and Hollywood, California.

Cost of program: $28,767 for the entire program

Program type: Certificate/diploma

Program length: 50 weeks

Concorde Career CollegeConcorde Career College is a renowned school that offers nursing programs nationwide, with 10 locations across the United States including a campus in North Hollywood. One of the benefits for students at the Concorde Licensed Vocational Nursing program includes a focus on personalized attention from experienced teachers with a focus on hands-on education. The accelerated rate of the program is also of benefit for students who want to be working in their chosen career as soon as possible, with the program taking as few as 13 months to complete.

Concorde also does its best to help students with the financial commitment that comes with investing in higher education. In addition to offering scholarships to those that qualify, Concorde helps students identify financial aid programs that they can use to offset the cost of education.

Some of the skills and transferable knowledge gained in the Concorde nursing program include preventative nursing care, rehabilitative nursing care, and nursing interventions.

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#2 – California State University – Los Angeles

Cost of program: $338.07 per unit

Program type: Bachelor degree

Program length: 3 years

California State University - Los AngelesCalifornia State University – Los Angeles’ graduate nursing program was named among the best in the United States by U.S. News and World Report. The undergraduate program at this school is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and offers a diverse range of courses including pathophysiology, physical assessment, maternal/child nursing, and psychiatric nursing.

CSULA School of Nursing is proud to offer a diverse student body, caring professors, and a wealth of excellent facilities for its students to practice in the LA area.

#3 – Los Angeles City College

Cost of program: $6,475 for the entire program

Program type: Associate degree

Program length: 2 years

LACC SEALThe Nursing Department at Los Angeles City College has the mission of educating its students for entry-level nursing positions in culturally diverse settings within the community. During this two-year program, students will learn the art and science of nursing and how to apply theoretical concepts in a variety of real-life clinical situations. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN licensing examination.

#4 – Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health

Cost of program: $2,400 per semester

Program type: Associate degree

Program length: 2 years

Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied HealthThe College of Nursing and Allied Health is a school that is owned and operated by the County of Los Angeles, and graduates between 100 to 150 students with an Associate Degree of Science in Nursing every year. Over 98% of its graduates go on to pass their licensing exam and work in a wide range of medical facilities.

At this school, students will experience a stimulating educational climate that provides fast-paced learning experiences. It offers a well-designed curriculum that balances formal classroom education with hands-on clinical experience. The College is recognized nationwide for producing outstanding practitioners in the field of nursing that consistently have outstanding employer performance ratings.

#5 – Los Angeles Southwest College

Cost of program: $46 per unit

Program type: Bachelor degree

Program length: 4 years

Los Angeles Southwest CollegeThe nursing program at the Los Angeles Southwest College offers quality education with an emphasis on critical thinking skills. First established in 1968, the Associate Degree in Nursing program provides its graduates with a basic foundation of nursing knowledge and skills that are necessary for entry-level practice.

Students in the LASC nursing program are provided with a number of clinical experiences in a variety of healthcare settings in order to prepare them for the challenges found in modern nursing. With a strong foundation in the sciences and general education, graduates leave the program as well-rounded practitioners possessing a skill-set that they will use throughout the span of their careers.

#6 – University of California Los Angeles

Cost of program: $15,017.59 per year

Program type: Bachelor degree

Program length: 4 years

University of California Los AngelesThe University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the world’s premier research universities, ranking number 11 in the London Time’s Higher Education rankings. The school has also been led by a number of outstanding, highly accomplished deans, so it’s no wonder that the school is a top choice for students in the Los Angeles area looking to get a nursing education.

The four-year bachelor program is designed to thoroughly prepare students for a career in nursing. Those that graduate from the program will be well-prepared to deal with the present day demands and sophisticated technological environments that exist within the nursing profession. They will also have the educational foundation that they need if they choose to pursue further education in the form of the master’s program at UCLA. After completing the nursing program at UCLA, graduates will be able to select and apply basic and advanced theoretical knowledge of core concepts in order to deliver health care to clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

#7 – West Coast University

Cost of program: $139,397 for the entire program

Program type: Bachelor degree

Program length: 4 years

West Coast UniversityWest Coast University is a great choice for students that want to obtain their Bachelor in Nursing in an accelerated period of time. The school allows students to receive their degree in as little as 39 months through its focused nursing program curriculum.

The school strives to provide evidence-based and innovative nursing education that empowers its students, and future nurses, to provide quality and compassionate care. WCU instills in its students the philosophy that education is a continuous process that takes place over phases throughout an individual’s lifetime. During their time at WCU, students are provided with the knowledge and professional nursing skills necessary to assist patients towards an optimal level of health.