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If you are a registered nurse looking for expert information on the best nursing programs, then you’ve come to the right place. Our editors have researched all of the top nursing schools with accredited nursing programs to help guide you to the RN to BSN or other accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program that is right for YOU.

Whether you’re seeking to go the traditional BSN degree route at a nursing college, or to earn your BSN degree online, we’ve got the rankings and reviews to help you find the best RN to BSN programs to fit your needs. If you’re interested in finding out more about nursing careers, nursing scholarships, or nursing internships, we’ve got that too.

Find the Best Nursing Schools for RN to BSN Programs

Due to the ongoing demand for trained, professional nurses, nursing degree programs have surged in size and number, as individuals with a desire to serve others take advantage of the high number of nursing jobs and nursing careers available in an otherwise struggling job market. There are now literally hundreds of nursing schools and nursing programs for you to choose from. That is why it is more important than ever to thoroughly research your options to ensure that you find the best nursing programs for your time, money, and effort. Earning a Bachelor of Nursing degree is not easy (or cheap!). You want to be sure that the degree you get out of it has the quality, reputation, and accreditation you need to move up in your nursing career. As a helpful starting point, we’ve put together rankings of the top accredited nursing schools offering the best traditional and online RN to BSN programs. We’ll also help you figure out how to pay for it with our overview of nursing scholarships.

Discover What You Can Do with a BSN Degree

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing could be your ticket to a more satisfying, higher paying nursing career. Many nursing jobs require a BSN degree or higher. Find out more about the kinds of opportunities available for graduates of top RN to BSN programs. One way to find out what the right nursing career is for you is through nursing internships, which are also a common requirement for the best Bachelor of Nursing programs. Check out our article on nursing internships to find out more about them.