What is the Best Nursing Career for International Students?
April 2022

Best Nursing Career for International Students

What is the Best Nursing Career for International Students?

Nursing Careers for International Students

The best Nursing Career for International Students depends on the person, but nursing is a career you can have anywhere in the world. Nursing for international students can be an excellent career choice, and the US has some great nursing programs for international students. Students may choose to practice nursing in the US, or they can bring their nursing work back to their home countries. Both choices are equally valid, and both choices come with pros and cons. Either way, international students can have a great experience in the US.

Nursing Education for International Students

Now, nursing in the USA for foreigners has a step-by-step process. First, international students must be accepted into an American university. One of the biggest concerns about United States education is affordability. If you’re looking for the cheapest nursing schools in USA for international students, start by researching schools with overall affordability. For example, the University of Michigan is affordable overall, and it has a great nursing program. Other affordable schools include Purdue University, Florida State University, and several others. Take your time researching nursing schools. You have a lot of great options, and many of the affordable options provide excellent educations.

Nursing Scholarships for International Students

You can also find some great nursing school scholarships. When it comes to nursing scholarships, international students have several options. These scholarships come from lots of different sources, including corporate companies, private donations, government entities, and the schools themselves. These scholarships have different requirements, too. Some are merit-based, some are income-based, and some may require a combination of both. Some require an essay, while others have an application process that will only take a few minutes. Even after finding an affordable school, applying for a scholarship is an excellent idea. Scholarships can take a lot of the stress off of students who need to pay for college. While a nurse’s salary can certainly help a person pay for education quickly, a scholarship will still take some of the weight off of your shoulders. Dedicate a fair amount of time to your scholarship research. The more time you dedicate to your scholarships, the more likely you are to get this kind of financial help.

Student Visas

After acceptance to a US university, the next step is to get either an F1 or a J1 visa. Both of these visas are for people who want to attend a university in the US. The difference comes from how students are allowed to earn an income while not studying. F1 visas only allow for part-time work on campus. J1 visas allow for full-time work while the student isn’t at school. Either way, students must be accepted into a United States university before they can obtain a visa. It’s very important to complete the steps in the correct order.

Working As A Nurse

Nursing in the USA for foreigners can be highly challenging, but very rewarding. Many foreign nursing students choose to work in the United States after they graduate from nursing school. After graduation, nurses who come from abroad must meet the right requirements. Other than the visa requirements, nursing in the USA requirements for foreigners is the same as the requirements for US citizens. Of course, nursing in the US requires a nursing education and a valid nurse’s license. You’ll obtain your license by taking the NCLEX-RN exam, which your education will prepare you to take. You can either get a nursing license for one state, or you can get a multi-state license as discussed above. Once you pass, you’ll get your certification, and you can start working as a nurse.

Nursing Visas

Of course, once you’ve graduated from nursing school, you can’t stay in the US with a student visa anymore. You’ll need a nursing visa if you’d like to keep working in the United States. The process for obtaining a nursing visa is similar to the process of obtaining a student visa. However, a nursing visa allows you to work legally, while a student visa allows you to study. As a result, a few of the application steps will look different. Overall, though, you’ll have a similar experience, and once you’ve been through the process of getting a student visa, you may find your second visa easier to obtain.


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