Prerequisites for an Online Accelerated BSN Program?

When embarking on a journey towards getting your online accelerated BSN degree, there are a few items to check off your list before hand. This degree is best suited for second-degree seeking students who did not major in Nursing the first time around, or RNs who do not have a bachelor’s level degree. Luckily, this also means that you have likely already completed much of the prerequisites and class work you need to be on track for your online accelerated BSN before you even show up!

Although every program is different, there are many prerequisites that almost every online accelerated BSN program asks for, and some that most programs ask for, but other programs do not mention at all. Be sure to get the whole list of required prerequisites from the online accelerated BSN program that is perfect for you. Still looking for a program? Check out our newly updated Top 15 Best Online and Hybrid Accelerated BSN programs.

The Science and Math Prerequisites

The two prerequisites that are universal are Chemistry and Microbiology, along with courses in Anatomy and Physiology. Clearly the human body is at the center of everything a nurse does professionally. On the large scale, ensuring that nursing students are fully comfortable identifying the main parts of the body and common illnesses and injuries is essential in making sure you are providing good quality care. Being able to recognize the elemental components that make up who we all are is very important too. Whether you end up focusing on nutrition, family health, or any other focus, having a background in the chemical and cellular building blocks of who we are will come in handy.

A unit or sometimes two of statistics are very common prerequisites for new BSN students, but not as universal as you might think. Many programs ask that new enrollees have completed stats courses because this gets nurses comfortable with reading and understanding medical studies that highly impact the ways that medical practitioners implement new ideas and modalities of care, as well as ethical implications of certain practices that impact patients. Knowing statistical principles will help you keep up with innovations in culture and medicine, and continue learning over the course of your career.

Human nutrition courses can be found as prerequisites for some programs, but not many. To come into an online accelerated BSN degree with this valuable skillset seems to have obvious benefits. Many treatment plans that nurses help implement with patients involve changes in ones personal diet.

The Humanities Prerequisites

Many online accelerated BSN degree programs require a unit or two in both History and English. Beyond the need for English in the context of language and communication, many English classes like, literature or rhetoric classes, add skills in contextualizing situations for students, and teach the ability to connect with others, whether it is patients or co-workers. History courses often require students to think critically, and analyze stories within particular contexts, another valuable skill for a nurse to have.

Courses in Ethics, U.S. Government, and Communications are prerequisites required for some online accelerated BSN programs, because each of these elaborate on students’ abilities to ground themselves in a legacy of rules of engagement. Ethics courses require students to interrogate their own beliefs and articulate them clearly and respectfully.U.S. government classes give nursing students opportunities to learn how certain laws that govern medical practices, as well as a general understanding of how political hierarchies work. These concepts come in handy both to broaden a nursing students knowledge about the world, as well as engrain a knowledge about how to make meaningful and lasting change through a procedure-based methodology. Communications classes allow to creative expressions of these views, as well as giving students the space to practice respectful disagreement. As eighty percent or more of a nurse’s job is to engage with others, many people at the height of their personal inability to engage well due to pain or trauma, the more a nurse can get creative with how to ask questions and put people at ease, the better care that nurse can give.

The Arts Prerequisites

A unit or two of art history and/or fine art, may be prerequisites for a few online accelerated BSN programs, but not all. Schools who see a great value in the well-rounded nature of nursing student may ask to see these courses on a transcript precisely because of the ways that both of these make you think differently and creatively. Brain science shows that engaging with art can increase a student’s ability to comprehend tough to grasp scientific concepts. Simply put, thinking outside the box is often the way to make the box itself make more sense.

If these are some of the courses you already completed in your first degree, amazing! You’re almost halfway there. If there are some on this list you having gotten around to, check in with your school, maybe you do not even need them or maybe they will become your warm up before diving in. Whichever path you need to take, these are some of the courses that will be expected of you to do a great job in your online accelerated BSN coursework. Once that is all out of the way, check and see how employers feel about students coming out of the online accelerated BSN program.