Nursing Specializations In-Demand by Employers
April 2022

Nursing Specializations In-Demand by Employers

Nursing Specializations In-Demand

Nursing specializations in-demand by employers are also some of the most specialized roles and the highest paying jobs for nurses. The different types of nurses and descriptions of their jobs provide insight into the best options for your long-term goals. Nursing specialties in demand by employers focus on specific types of skills that require additional certification or continuing education.

Nursing Specializations In-Demand by Employers
Nursing Specializations In-Demand by Employers

Finding a Nursing Specializations In-Demand for Your Career

The first question to consider when evaluating in-demand specializations is what are the different levels of nursing. The highest level of nursing is a doctorate in nursing or a doctorate in a specialized category of nursing, such as nursing practice or nursing science. It is not necessary to reach the highest level of nursing when you are looking for in-demand options for your goal.

Nurse Midwife

A nurse-midwife is an in-demand specialization that requires a certification after obtaining your master’s degree and license to practice nursing. The responsibilities of a nurse-midwife center on family planning and care. In most cases, a nurse-midwife provides prenatal care and postnatal care for the mother and child. A midwife will also take on the responsibility of delivering the baby.

Genetics Nursing

Genetics nursing is a growing field that has a high demand from employers. A genetics nurse is specialized in the intersection between genetics and health. The role focuses on helping patients identify potential genetic risks based on family history and taking measures to maintain health based on individual risk factors.

Nursing Informatics

Informatics nursing has gained attention by employers in recent years due to the increased use of technology in medical care. Technology is a growing industry and new advances apply to medicine and nursing. As hospitals and medical facilities continue to advance in the use of technology, the demand for informatics nurses will increase. An informatics nurse focuses on the applications of technology in nursing. They take on a role that combines nursing and health with technical skills and network management.

Nurse Anesthetist

An in-demand nursing specialty to consider is a nurse anesthetist. The role of a nurse anesthetist is providing anesthesia to patients before procedures by a doctor. You may work with medical doctors, surgeons, and surgical dentists to provide proper care to patients.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners continue to gain opportunities to work with doctors or take on their own practice. Some states allow a nurse practitioner to set up their own clinic, particularly if the nurse practitioner has a doctoral degree. You can start working as a nurse practitioner with a master’s degree and your license.


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