Which States Offer the Cheapest RN to BSN Programs?
April 2022

Which States Offer the Cheapest RN to BSN Programs?

Which States Offer the Cheapest RN to BSN Programs?

States for an Affordable RN to BSN

The states and schools that offer the cheapest RN to BSN programs also provide affordable online nursing programs. Registered Nurses (RNs) who want to increase both salary and marketability should pursue a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Nurses with BSNs earn more money, command more authority, and also enjoy more job flexibility than nurses with RN degrees.

The cheapest RN to BSN programs are available in Wyoming, Texas, Kansas, and New York, but even out-of-state residents may access these programs online. So if you’re an RN looking to increase your earning potential by enrolling in an RN to BSN program, consider one of these affordable, high-quality degree programs.

1. University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming’s online RN to BSN completion program offers an excellent degree program also at an affordable price. Tuition costs are as low as $210 per credit hour for Wyoming residents and also $294 per credit hour for out-of-state residents.

This program’s unique features include a comprehensive course selection featuring nine unique nursing courses. In addition, students can complete the program in one year. Also, the program requires a capstone project based on a public health issue that interests you.

2. Lamar University in Texas

Lamar University’s online RN to BSN program is one of the most streamlined programs available. For example, Texas residents pay only $235 per credit hour, and also out-of-state residents pay only $277 per credit hour.

This program features a focused set of courses to complete within 13 months. It also has intensive, eight-week courses and five different start dates throughout the year.

3. Fort Hays State University in Kansas

Although Fort Hays State University is in Kansas, any RN can benefit from their fantastic online RN to BSN program. Tuition costs only $241 per credit hour for any online student.

Some exciting features of this program include three convenient program start dates and flexible course scheduling. In addition, students can quickly transfer credits from an RN degree through the university’s “Advanced Standing” program.

4. State University of New York at Delhi

SUNY Delhi’s online RN to BSN program combines flexibility with a well-rounded education at an unbeatable price. Tuition costs $232 per credit hour for any online student and features fantastic options.

This program has an online tutoring system and free technical support. In addition, there is a community that encourages nursing students to take upper-level humanities courses as electives.

An Online RN to BSN

With these online degree programs, getting a BSN is affordable no matter which states you call home. To enjoy affordable tuition, you don’t have to live in Wyoming, Texas, Kansas, or New York.


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