Are Accelerated Online RN to BSN Programs More Affordable?
April 2022

Are Accelerated Online RN to BSN Programs More Affordable?

What is an Accelerated RN to BSN Online Program?

Accelerated Online RN to BSN Programs

One of the greatest things about becoming a Registered Nurse is continuing your education and achieving a higher-level degree. Many active nurses right now have decided to advance their education and pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). The accelerated online RN to BSN programs that registered nurses (RN) can apply to allow students to earn their degrees while working.

There are many affordable online RN to BSN degree programs that enable nurses to fast-track their BSN. The thought of tackling a four-year bachelor’s degree may seem daunting. Getting a BSN is especially hard for working students and those juggling family obligations.  Many students do not have a lot of time to invest or have difficulty keeping a schedule to take face-to-face classes. That is why accelerated Online RN to BSN programs may be the best option for nurses considering going back to school for a BSN.

What is an Accelerated RN to BSN Online Program?

If you are like many students, you want to get in and complete your coursework as soon as possible to graduate. You are ready to move on to the next exciting phase of your nursing career. If you have the time to devote to studying and are willing to work hard, you can complete your RN to BSN online in as little as nine months, in a fast-track RN to BSN program. Those considering starting an accelerated BSN online program, are typically those that already have a bachelor’s degree and may now want to pursue a degree in nursing.

15 Best Online Accelerated BSN Programs

How Long Does it Take to Earn An Accelerated RN To BSN Online?

A typical RN degree includes two years of higher education. A typical BSN includes four years of higher education. A regular RN to BSN degree is two years and provides the classes and education from the RN to the BSN. An Accelerated RN to BSN Online Program takes those two years and condenses them into as short as one year.

The accelerated program structure and intensity can be challenging. But, they are designed for the student to complete from one year to 19 months using the classes and credits already earned. Some programs can take up to two years. The program consists of nursing-specific courses condensed for the student to fast-pace the program. 

How Are Accelerated RN To BSN Online Programs More Affordable?

There are a few ways to think about affordability and the cost savings students get from an accelerated RN to BSN.

Savings in Delivery Option:

Many schools that offer Accelerated Online RN to BSN Programs offer different tuition rates for online classes than on-campus classes. Some schools offer in-state tuition for online programs. 

Savings in Time:

Additionally, there are savings in the condensed time of the programs. Because students attend classes for fewer semesters or quarters, they may have a lower total degree cost. 

Savings in Opportunity Cost:

A third place you can examine the cost and affordability is the opportunity cost. Opportunity Cost is an economic term. It is a way to look at the monetary value of the choices you do not make compared to the ones you do make. So, applying to a decision to get a BSN degree may relate to salary. The time that you are not working at a higher nursing salary with a BSN is a loss. Getting a degree faster lets, you earn more money sooner. And the BSN degree is the opportunity with the highest economic return.

Are Accelerated RN To BSN Online Programs Popular?

These accelerated programs are extremely popular with current students or those looking to elevate their nursing status from RN to BSN. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing conducted a study and found that in 2018 there were approximately 282 accelerated BSN programs in the nation and 30 more programs in development. As we continue to have a growing need for nurses, we have to imagine that the number of new programs has also grown. 

What Can You Do With a BSN?

There are many benefits to working towards a BSN. And the fast-track RN to BSN online programs are an attractive option to many experienced RNs. These degree programs allow working nurses to continue their education in their chosen profession. Each advanced degree allows the student to have more career options while making more money. Individuals with a BSN can pursue many nursing specialties with high incomes.

Are Accelerated Online RN to BSN Programs More Affordable?

How Do I Find the Most Affordable RN to BSN Online?

There are many resources for nurses pursuing an affordable RN to BSN online program. Here are some of the most affordable online RN to BSN degree programs. Remember to check to make sure the Accreditation Commission accredits the Program for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

What is the Job Lookout for Those in Nursing?

There is no question that those in the medical field are in need right now for various reasons. First, our population is growing older. Baby boomers are now retirement age yet are more active than ever. To stay active, they take care of themselves and rely on the medical community. With these steps, they can enjoy the same activities they did when younger.

Also, the COVID-19 pandemic changed all our lives, and the need for qualified healthcare workers only intensified as the world battled this healthcare threat. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for those in nursing is incredibly positive. They state that the “employment of registered nurses” is expected to grow 9% from 2020 until 2030, faster than average for all occupations.

With a variety of jobs available and the need for those in the nursing field growing, this is the perfect time to pursue an accelerated RN to BSN online degree program.


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