25 Best Online MSN Nurse Educator Degrees
July 2023

25 Best Online MSN Education Programs

25 Best Online MSN Nurse Educator Degrees

Here are the 25 Best Online MSN in Nursing Education Degrees 2023! The best online MSN in Nursing Education is for nurses interested in teaching. Nurses are in demand, and so are nursing teachers and educators! You are probably aware that Nursing is an in-demand profession, and most states have nursing shortages. However, you may not know that in recent years, nursing program admissions offices turned down more than 60,000 qualified applicants. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) reported that these students were turned away because schools and programs lack teachers! So, as much as there is a demand for nurses, there is also a demand for Nurse Educators.

A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Nursing Education allows registered nurses to build upon their experience and education to acquire the knowledge to become instructors for future nurses. The best online MSN Nursing Education program will allow students the flexibility to earn a master’s degree without interrupting their life. 

Ranking The Best Online MSN in Nursing Education Degrees

It’s easy to find nursing education online, but it’s harder to find good MSN in Nursing Education degree programs. The editors at TopRNtoBSN began with a thorough list of all nursing schools that offer MSN Nurse Educator and MSN in Nursing Education degree programs. From there, we focused on schools with a fully online or hybrid degree program. We then ranked the schools based on Salary, Reputation, and Cost of Tuition. Finally, we use data from College Scorecard, IPEDS, and Niche.

1. Texas A&M University College Station 

Students seek an online MSN in Nursing Education that provides flexible programming and study opportunities. Texas A&M University College Station offers one of the best online MSN Nurse Educator degree programs that fits that description. This track prepares graduates for roles as Nurse Educators in various institutions and patient care settings. Some graduates complete this 36-semester program and work in clinical settings, while others pursue jobs in higher education. The program is available mainly online to help students balance family, career, and life responsibilities without putting off their education. However, students must attend two 3-day sessions at Bryan-College Station to meet the American Association of Colleges of Nursing requirements. In addition, program graduates are eligible to take the National League for Nursing Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Exam.

Texas A&M University at College Station is the second-ranked top public university in Texas. This sizeable public institution has nearly 40,000 undergraduate students and a competitive acceptance rate of 58%. Other popular majors include psychology, agricultural business, liberal arts, and humanities. The school graduates an impressive 82% of students.

Degree: MSN in Nursing Education

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2. Duke University 

Duke University has an excellent online MSN Nurse Educator program. This program prepares students for academic and nurse educator roles. With a unique perspective on nursing practice and knowledge, graduates are ready to work in schools as instructors and also in development positions at various healthcare facilities. The Duke MSN curriculum includes both Master’s levels concepts and foundation courses in pharmacology, assessment, and pathophysiology. Courses are delivered online asynchronously, allowing you to complete classes on your schedule. In addition, students in this online master’s in nursing must complete an individualized clinical practicum at the end of the program in collaboration with a master educator.

Duke is an elite school known for its Christian beginnings. Located in Durham, NC, the school enrolls around 6600 undergraduate students annually. Additionally, the school is highly selective and only takes about 8% of students who apply. Other popular majors include economics, public policy, and also computer science. The school graduates 95% of students and has received a plus rating on student surveys involving value for money and also academic rigor. In addition, it is the number one ranked Christian university in the country.

Degree: MSN in Nursing Education

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3. Texas Christian University 

Texas Christian University offers students pursuing their MSN Nurse Educator degree the opportunity to achieve their Master’s degree at one of the top-ranked schools in the nation. Faculty members include nationally recognized experts who teach various specializations and act as role models for students. So, course development follows proven nurse educator competencies to provide a high quality standard among graduates. Courses are typically worth one credit and offered in shortened blocks of time to allow intense focus on areas such as education technology. In addition, the 36-credit degree has options for nursing education majors. For example, students can take a pediatric track or focus on adult gerontology. 

At Texas Christian University, students can choose from more than 100 majors and study at a top-ranked university. Additionally, the professors at the school are among the finest academic minds available. Additionally, those who study on campus can enjoy vibrant campus life. TCU has an “A” based on student surveys regarding campus life, diversity, and academics. Only 46% of those who apply to receive an acceptance letter. The school is also ranked number eight among Christian universities in the United States by niche.com.

Degree: MSN in Nursing Education

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4. University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Elaine Marieb College of Nursing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst offers an online MSN Nurse Educator degree program. The school’s thirty-two credit online master’s in nursing program teaches students to design curricula and also deliver nursing education programs in academic settings. Courses like advanced health assessment and curriculum development focus on the skills and knowledge needed to work as a nurse educator. All Nursing courses are online so students can access material conveniently. In addition, the program admissions deadline is rolling. 

The flagship in the University of Massachusetts system is the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The public university opened in 1863 and is also a member of the Five College Consortium. Furthermore, the school enrolls over 30,000 students annually and is the second-largest university in the state.

Degree: MSN Education Concentration 

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5. Ohio University

The online MSN Nurse Educator degree at Ohio University is one for nurses interested in becoming clinical educators. Ohio U’s MSN Nurse Educator program provides students with the skills and also knowledge needed to pass the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam. The thirty-two credit program takes five semesters to complete. In addition to coursework, students also meet 200 hours of hands-on teaching experience.

Ohio University opened in 1804 and is also the oldest university in the state. Additionally, the school is a University System of Ohio member and annually enrolls around 28,000 students. Located in Athens, Ohio, the school is one of the most well-regarded public universities in the country. 

Degree: MSN Nurse Educator (NE)

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6. Appalachian State University 

The online MSN with a Nurse Educator focus at Appalachian State University prepares students for roles as educators in academic institutions. The program emphasizes nursing practice, leadership, creativity in teaching, and research. After completing the school’s online education program, students can teach using several methodologies suitable for staff development, academic, and patient care workplaces. In addition, students in the online master’s in nursing connect to experienced faculty members who helped them integrate best practices into every facet of nursing education. The part-time App State MSN is a 39-credit program with multiple start dates each year.

Appalachian State University is a highly regarded public university in North Carolina. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the school focuses on preparing students to be global citizens and creating a sustainable society for future generations. ASU encourages students to use the college experience to grow both personally and professionally.

Degree: MSN with Nursing Education Concentration

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7. Drexel University 

With a CCNE accredited curriculum, Drexel University has one of the best online MSN Nurse Educator programs. This degree prepares students for nurse educator careers in an academic or professional setting. Students learn to use their experience in nursing to educate new nurses. Courses include graduate-level concepts such as advocacy, patient safety, research, and ethics. Graduates emerge prepared to take the Certified Nursing Educator Exam. In addition, students learn to inject creativity into the teaching process to better engage students in understanding nursing science. Students can complete the program with forty-five quarter credits, equivalent to thirty-semester credits.

Drexel is a private university located in Philadelphia. While the tuition is expensive, most students receive some form of financial aid. This highly-rated school has an annual enrollment of 14,000 students. Three out of four students are accepted, making Drexel somewhat competitive. There are dozens of majors, including nursing, mechanical engineering, and accounting. 

Degree: MSN in Nursing Education

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8. Union University 

Union University also has one of the best online MSN Nurse Educator programs available. MSN Nurse Educators receive instruction on the increasing understanding of hospital patients. The program emphasizes the need for nurse educators and leaders who understand the importance of optimal wellness for acute care. The Union online MSN is available full-time and part-time and has one start date each year in August. Full-time students can complete their studies in 16 months. Successful graduates apply the skills they’ve learned where they’re most needed, including patient education, staff development, and institutes of higher learning across the country.

Union University is a high-ranking private institution committed to developing a Christian community among faculty, staff, and students. With campuses in Memphis and Nashville, the Tennessee university prepares students for successful careers in their chosen majors. The competitive school accepts just 53% of those who apply. However, 100% of students receive some form of financial aid.

Degree: MSN Education Track

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9. DePaul University 

The online MSN with a Nurse Educator specialization at DePaul University is an RN to MS program. While most of these programs require applicants to have a BSN, the DePaul program also accepts nurses with only an associate degree. In addition, the coursework for becoming a Nurse Educator includes practical hands-on knowledge to help graduates succeed in the classroom. As a result, graduates can pursue national Nurse Educator Certification and qualify to teach in undergraduate nursing programs.

DePaul was founded in 1898 and is a large Catholic University offering quality education to students from diverse backgrounds. Many students are first-generation college-goers, and the school is committed to helping every student succeed. The school has a competitive admission rate and only accepts 68% of candidates. Of those who attend, 98% receive student aid.

Degree: MSN Nursing Education specialization (RN-MSN)

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10. University of Arkansas

The Eleanor Mann School of Nursing at the University of Arkansas offers one of the best online MSN Nurse Educator degree programs available. The MSN program at U of A offers a Nurse Educator focus. Motivated, full-time students can finish the courses in four semesters if they attend for at least one summer. Part-time students take longer but typically finish their degrees within six calendar years. Each candidate must complete an academic project to meet their program’s written exam requirement.

The University of Arkansas has nearly 21,000 undergraduate students. Located in Fayetteville, it accepts 77% of students who apply. Widely regarded as one of the best public universities in the state, UA offers students dozens of majors. In addition, the nursing school is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and offers multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Degree: MSN with Nurse Educator Concentration

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11. Azuza Pacific University 

Azusa Pacific University has a rigorous online MSN Nurse Educator degree program. The curriculum includes all the courses necessary to prepare graduates for teaching positions in clinical and academic nursing settings. Among the best online MSN programs, Azusa offers students the opportunity to study alongside knowledgeable nurse educators with vast experience in specialized courses they teach. Encompassing Christian values, the Azuza MSN emphasizes compassion. As a result, graduates emerge with a combination of traditional values and 21st-century healthcare education. 

At APU, instructors take a 360-degree view of education. It doesn’t just take place in the classroom. Students have opportunities to become involved on campus or in the community. Online students are also encouraged to volunteer in their local communities. Azusa Pacific University is a Christian school that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. The campus is just north of Los Angeles, California.

Degree: MSN in Nursing Education

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12. Indiana Wesleyan University  

Indiana Wesleyan University has one of the best online MSN Nurse Educator degree programs. IWU nursing school prepares students for teaching positions in a variety of settings. Graduates go on to find work at prestigious hospitals, nursing schools, and private practices. Those who wish to become MSN Nurse Educators complete a curriculum consistent with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing standards. The forty-one credit program takes most students about 22 months to complete.

Indiana Wesleyan University opened in 1920. IWU students embrace a Christ-centered worldview reflected in the curriculum and campus life at the school. The university is intentional about helping students come to God and developing a life based on humility, kindness, integrity, and courage. Located in Marion, Indiana, IWU is well-known as an innovative educator and offers more than one hundred degree programs at the associate’s, bachelor’s, graduate’s, and doctoral levels.

Degree: MSN Nursing Education

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13. University of North Florida 

The MSN Nurse Educator degree at the University of North Florida is one of the best online programs available. Those wishing to become Nurse Educators often choose this graduate program emphasizing research and patient safety concepts. The rigorous curriculum prepares students to teach nursing at community colleges, healthcare agencies, and other settings. Graduates emerge with the knowledge and skills needed to apply for and obtain their Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) credentials. Students start the online Nursing Education program once a year in the fall and attend full-time. 

Located in Jacksonville, UNF has been part of the State University System of Florida since it opened in 1965. The public university focuses on a personalized educational experience with small class sizes and hands-on learning experiences. In addition, the UNF Brooks College of Health School of Nursing offers multiple community-focused undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs.  

Degree: MSN Nursing Education track

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14. Bellin College 

Bellin College has one of the best online MSN Nurse Educator degree programs for those who want to teach other nurses. On the way to becoming an MSN Nurse Educator, students expand their baccalaureate education and build the skills needed to provide leadership for nursing practices in clinical and private settings. This program emphasizes continuous learning, and some students go on to complete their doctoral degrees. Classes are delivered online in a semester format, each 15-weeks long. Students can attend full-time or part-time, and graduates can sit for the Certified Nurse Educator Exam.

Bellin College is a small private school specializing in nursing and other healthcare degree programs. The school opened in 1909 and is in Bellevue, Wisconsin. Students are attracted to the school’s small class sizes, state-of-the-art technology, and abundant student aid. With a 100% licensure pass rate for undergrads, Bellin College proves an excellent option for an MSN in Nursing Education.

Degree: MSN with Nurse Educator (NE) track

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15. Nebraska Methodist College 

Students prepare to be tomorrow’s educators with the online MSN Nurse Educator degree at Nebraska Methodist College. Students can complete the CCNE-accredited online program in 21 months. The NMC program prepares students with the latest research and information to help them succeed as nurse educators in post-secondary institutions, universities, and colleges. Some graduates become teachers at nursing schools or nurse faculty members in leadership roles. The program is for working nurses who want to continue their education while juggling professional and personal obligations.

Nebraska Methodist College is a small school with just over 400 undergraduate students. This private college is located in Omaha, NE, and focuses on Christian values. It is an above-average school with an acceptance rate of 97%. Everyone who attends receives financial aid, and popular majors include sonography, radiologic technician, and ultrasound technician.

Degree: MSN in Nursing Education

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16. UNC Wilmington 

The University of North Carolina Wilmington offers a challenging online MSN Nurse Educator degree for graduates who want to influence future generations of nurses. As one of the best online MSN programs, full-time students can complete the thirty-three-credit program in twelve months. The MSN program has a Nurse Educator concentration focusing on theory and practical experience. It emphasizes the importance of quality in nursing education and educating patients and family members regarding health care education. Many graduates go on to teach nursing students in clinical and academic settings.

UNC Wilmington has over 12,000 students. This public university accepts just 65% of candidates who apply. The lucky few who receive admittance choose from majors such as nursing, psychology, business, and many more. UNC Wilmington graduates 72% of students and is also the fourth-ranked public university in North Carolina.

Degree: MSN Nurse Educator concentration

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17. Cox College 

The online MSN Nurse Educator degree at Cox College is for registered nurses with undergraduate degrees. Attending full-time, students can complete the course within two years. It’s one of the best online MSN programs because it prepares students for the nurse educator national certification exam. Students complete 36 credits and emerge ready to work teaching patients and other nurses in various settings. Courses include leadership in health care, advanced physiology, ethics, and also advanced pharmacology.

Cox College specializes in healthcare degrees and enrolls around 1,000 students annually. The private school in Springfield, Missouri, has been educating nurses for over 100 years. Cox offers associate’s, bachelor’s, and also master’s degrees. In addition, all students receive some financial aid.

Degree: MSN Nurse Educator (NE) track 

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18. Oklahoma Baptist University 

The Oklahoma Baptist University online MSN Nurse Educator degree is widely considered one of the best online nursing education programs. Students gain the expertise needed to teach tomorrow’s nurses today. The OBU program provides practical ways to teach nursing science and also includes a nursing education practicum experience focusing on clinical instruction. Courses include strategies and evaluation, advanced nursing practicums, and also curriculum design. Students take classes one at a time and can complete the thirty-five credit MSN in just eighteen months. Additionally, nurses with a master’s degree can earn a Nurse Educator Certificate with ten credits.

Oklahoma Baptist University is in Shawnee, Oklahoma. OBU is a small Christian school that enrolls around 1,500 students annually. Despite its small size, the school offers eight graduate majors, two of which can be taken remotely. Nursing is one of the school’s most popular majors.

Degree: MSN Nursing Education track

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19. Olivet Nazarene University 

Olivet Nazarene University also has one of the best online MSN Nurse Educator degree programs. The Olivet thirty-three credit MSN requires two practicums, and students can work with preceptors of their choice. In the first practicum, students complete a 30-hour clinical experience. This allows them to apply their nursing knowledge with faculty supervision. Then, the second practicum requires 120 hours of experience under a preceptor’s supervision. Thus, students apply what they have learned on a practical basis in a real-world environment. Online classes are in an accelerated 8-week format. So, students can double up on classes and complete the degree in fifteen months. The program prepares graduates for the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) examination.

Olivet Nazarene University has provided an “Education With a Christian Purpose” since 1907. The school offers undergraduate and graduate majors. Of these, 12 are offered online or via distance education. Some of the popular majors include reading teacher education, pediatric nursing, and teaching. The main campus of Olivet Nazarene University is in Bourbonnais, Illinois. The school opened in 1907 and now has additional satellite campuses and a robust online program. Furthermore, the school enrolls around 5,000 students annually and is a Council for Christian Colleges and Universities member. In addition, the School of Nursing is well-regarded and continually receives accolades.

Degree: MSN Education track

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20. SUNY Polytechnic Institute 

With thirty-nine credits, students can complete one of the best online MSN Nurse Educator degree programs at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. So, by attending full-time, students can complete the program in four semesters. However, part-time students usually take six semesters to finish. Graduates go on to careers in nursing education and also staff development. In addition, many students find careers as administrative leaders or faculty members in two-year or four-year nursing programs. Furthermore, some graduates obtain their doctorate after completing this degree.

The State University of New York (SUNY) Polytechnic Institute (Poly) is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. Additionally, the school opened in 1966 and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees at its Albany, Utica, and Online campuses. 

Degree: MSN Nursing Education

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21. Walsh University 

Walsh University also has one of the best online master of science Educator degree programs. Graduates emerge ready to sit for their exam and earn their nurse educator certification. Students expand their understanding of the skills, procedures, and also reasoning needed to make clinical decisions. They also gain experience creating course materials for professional training and development purposes. Graduates also learn how to implement a curriculum incorporating different teaching strategies. Students can complete this forty-two-credit program in five semesters. In addition, classes are in eight-week and sixteen-week blocks, with three program start dates each year.

Walsh is located in the Cleveland area and is a private Catholic University. It has fewer than 800 graduate students who choose from 12 graduate programs. Of these, five are available remotely. Popular majors include nurse science, teaching, and also business.

Degree: MSN Nursing Education

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22. Xavier University 

Xavier University in Cincinnati has one of the best online MSN Nurse Educator degree programs. The school’s MSN with an Education track is for students who are already Registered Nurses (RNs) and are also interested in becoming educators. The online program takes 36 credits and teaches nurses to train and lead others. In addition, the online nursing program aims to empower students and help them take on additional responsibilities in current or future job roles. 

Xavior is a private Catholic school established in 1831. The school offers degrees both online and at its campuses in Cincinnati and Norwood. There are four colleges at Xavier University, including the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Nursing, a Business School, and also a College of Arts and Sciences. With over 90 undergraduate majors and 40 graduate programs, students have a wide variety of choices.

Degree: MSN Education track

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23. Concordia University Wisconsin 

Working nurses who want to continue their education at the Master’s level can choose the online MSN Nurse Educator degree at Concordia University in Wisconsin. Concordia offers a thirty-nine-credit CCNE program that students can attend either full-time or part-time. The program prepares students to teach in nursing schools with a Christian foundation and focus. In addition, Concordia has a new EdD Pathway. Students can work on both their master’s and doctorate degrees. So, the MSN Nurse Educator online nursing program will have nine credits that can apply toward a Doctorate of Education. In addition, the Concordia faculty has the knowledge and practical experience to help great nurses find successful careers as nursing teachers.

Concordia – Wisconsin, is located in the Milwaukee area. It is a private school based on Christian values. With fewer than 3,000 graduate students, it still offers 36 graduate programs. Of these, 24 are provided online. Nurses who obtain their graduate degree through the university join other students with majors such as pharmacy studies, business, and educational administration.

Degree: MSN Nurse Educator

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24. Benedictine University 

Benedictine University also offers one of the best online MSN Nurse Educator degree programs available in the country. Nurses interested in becoming educators can complete their classes online. All of the university’s MSN programs begin with 15 credits of foundation classes. Then, the Nurse Educator specialization requires an additional 24 credits of nursing education courses. Benedictine’s online nursing program focuses on the principles of both teaching and learning. As a result, students spend a lot of time learning to develop course curricula for various nursing programs. In addition, students learn the theory of instructional design and can apply their learning to real-world situations. 

Students who choose this Benedictine University nursing program receive a private education at a Catholic graduate school. The school is located in Lyle, Illinois, and annually enrolls around 2,200 graduate students. In addition, Benedictine offers over twenty graduate programs, and students can take seven of the programs online or via distance education. Some of the most popular programs include education, nursing science, and also public health. 

Degree: MSN Educator concentration

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25. South Dakota State University

The South Dakota State University online MSN with a Nurse Educator Specialization prepares students for a career as a nurse educator. The program starts in the fall, and students can graduate in three to four and a half years. Three options are available for completing this degree. Students can opt for the thirty-five credit coursework-only option. Additionally, they can choose a thirty-seven-credit Research option or a forty-credit Thesis option. Coursework is delivered online with a full-time, two-year plan or a part-time, three-year curriculum plan. The MSN specialization teaches students how to both plan and deliver education to nursing students. 

South Dakota State University first opened in 1881. The public university is in Brookings, South Dakota, and is the state’s largest university. SDSU offers over 150 areas of study and awards associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. 

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator specialization

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How Much Can You Earn With An MSN In Nursing Education?

How much do MSN Nurse Educators make? With a master’s degree program from one of the best online MSN in Nursing Education programs, you can earn over $125,000 per year. However, there is a wide gap between the lowest 10% and the highest 10% of earners with this degree. The lowest earners bring home just $47,630. Education, location, and also employment opportunities all influence earning potential and median annual salary. But, a master’s degree brings a higher salary than a bachelor’s degree. The higher salary potential makes an MSN in Nursing Education worth it!

Can I Teach Nursing With An MSN in Nursing Education?

Yes! Those who complete an MSN in Nursing Education degree can teach students at both the academic and clinical levels. Choosing an online MSN program allows students to advance as trainers, career development specialists, and patient educators. Nursing Education is an area of specialty or concentration. Online courses in many online MSN programs train nurses in critical thinking as well as how to teach.

Other online MSN degree programs have two primary branches. The master’s degrees focus on nursing management or advanced practice. Many schools have nursing programs that prepare students for nursing administration, nursing leadership, nurse executive, and nurse-midwife specialties. In addition, some advanced practice registered nurses work as neonatal nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, clinical nurse leaders, or nurse practitioners.

Some graduate nursing education programs focus on nurse practitioner’s specialties. These can include women’s health nurse practitioners, disease prevention, advanced nursing practice, family nurse practitioners, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, health promotion, pediatric nurse practitioners, and adult gerontology acute care. A master of science nursing degree can be very flexible. And once nurses have an MSW, additional specialties are relatively easy to earn as other graduate certificates.

What Is The Best Online MSN Degree To Be A Nurse Educator?

Most students complete a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) to become Nurse Educators. A Master’s degree allows you to teach at community colleges and some four-year colleges, as well as diverse health care settings. Historically, a doctorate-level degree was the requirement to teach at a university. However, this is changing, especially in fields with a critical need for educators like nursing. In a specialized profession, experience, and knowledge of the job are often as important as a degree. 

Any master’s in nursing programs you attend should have accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Another benefit of online programs for your college education is that they are often less expensive per credit than traditional programs. Many schools also offer the same tuition rate to online learners regardless of residency status. Online nursing programs like an accredited online MSN program are best when they fit the student’s needs.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Nurse Educator?

The path you take to become a Nurse Educator depends on your current education level. Based on current education, here are the fastest routes to becoming a Nurse Educator. 

EducationDegree to CompleteTime
Associate’s DegreeRN-MSN program in Nursing Education 3-4 yrs
Bachelor’s DegreeMSN program in Nursing Education1-2 yrs
Master’s Degree Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education .5-1 yrs

Nurse Educators with a master’s degree emerge ready to sit for their nurse education exam. Once they obtain their teaching license, they can seek jobs as administrators, staff development professionals, and teachers at nursing schools. There are three main areas where nurse educators find employment. First, some graduates become clinical nurse educators, while others choose a staff development position. Finally, others become faculty members in academic settings.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Nursing Education Program?

The time it takes nursing education students to complete a MSN may depend on the program’s start dates, format, and also your previous education. For example, completing an MSN in Nursing Education degree program takes most students from one to three years. Most Master’s degree programs take two years for students with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. However, suppose you have an undergraduate degree in nursing. In that case, you may qualify for advanced standing and be able to complete the MSN program faster. Some of the one-year online MSN programs are for students with a BSN. Thus, they are commonly called BSN to MSN programs. 

Many nurses want to know if there are any RN to MSN Nurse Educator online programs. There are a handful of these programs, and their presence increases every year. The RN to MSN is for students with a two-year degree who also want to earn a master’s degree. Online RN to MSN Nurse Educator programs combine both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree into one program. Most offer credit for your RN experience and cut out any unneeded classes.

Your Career As A Nurse Educator

Having experience working as a registered nurse is critical. So, the more experienced applicants have under their belt, the more they will get out of the MSN nurse educator program. In addition, many nurse educator candidates who study in an online accredited program benefit from the flexibility these programs offer. The best online MSN programs let students complete their coursework at their own pace. Whatever master’s in a nursing program you choose, a career as a Nurse Educator will be rewarding!


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