What Are The Most Popular Nursing Master’s Degree Specializations?

What is a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) Specialization? 

A master’s degree nursing specialization offers students the skills they need to be efficient in specific medical fields. Every nursing specialization deals with different situations and circumstances that require specific skills and abilities. Each specialization also offers unique rewards that make them worthwhile to the student.

Choosing to pursue a nursing specialization will open many doors of opportunity over and above that of a traditional nursing degree. Here are some of the Most Popular MSN Specializations and Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) career specialties available to registered nurses.

Nurse Anesthetist

Nurse Anesthetist is one of the Most Popular Nursing Master’s Degree Specializations

1. Nurse Anesthetist Specialization

A nurse anesthetist assists anesthesiologists in administering anesthesia during surgeries and other types of procedures. They have special skills that allow them to administer anesthesia medications and monitor patients while they are in surgery. Nurse anesthetists can work in hospitals, private offices, dentist offices, or any other facility that offers treatment options that involve any type of sedation.

2. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Specialization

A neonatal nurse practitioner specializes in the care of neonatal infants and children under the age of 2. They can provide chronic, acute, critical, and primary care to each patient and normally can be found working in the NICU. In addition, neonatal nurses work in pediatric units with children who may require additional care over and above what would be required in traditional maternity wards.

Family Nurse Practitioner is one of the Most Popular Nursing Master’s Degree Specializations

3. Family Nurse Practitioner Specialization

A Family Nurse Practitioner works with your family physician to ensure each patient gets the care they need when they schedule an appointment. They can do many of the same things as the doctor and may even diagnose and prescribe medications. A family nurse practitioner works with patients of all ages and with entire families.

Orthopedic Nurse is one of the Most Popular Nursing Master’s Degree Specializations

4. Orthopedic Nurse Specialization

Orthopedic Nurses work with patients who are dealing with musculoskeletal disorders. This includes joint replacement, arthritis, broken bones, and osteoporosis. Some also have a surgical specialization that allows them to assist during surgical procedures. An orthopedic nurse may also choose to work in training centers or alongside doctors who work with athletic organizations or sports teams.

5. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Specialization

A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is trained to identify and treat many psychiatric conditions. They use a holistic approach to assist in preventing conditions from worsening. Using holistic treatment methods can help patients dealing with mental health issues take back control of their lives. A psychiatric nurse practitioner can choose to work in either a specialized health care facility, addiction and rehabilitation center, or in a private office where they can help patients by providing one on one care.

6. Clinical Nurse Specialist

A Clinical Nurse Specialist works in a hospital or school setting and effectively manages complex cases and working with vulnerable populations. They can both educate and guide other medical professionals by incorporating best practices into the nursing environment. In addition, they are responsible for creating a safe and positive work environment. Clinical nurse specialists often work in a managerial capacity offering to assist in supervising the care of various departments within a healthcare facility. 

7. Certified Nurse Midwife Specialization

A Certified Nurse-Midwife specializes in the reproductive health of women. They also assist in childbirth and aftercare for new moms. A midwife is able to conduct annual exams, offer counseling, and write prescriptions for medications that are needed to support good reproductive health. Midwives are often mobile, working in the patients’ homes and performing home births and examinations as needed. They often work with populations that don’t want to utilize modern medicine or go to hospitals to give birth.

Certified Critical-Care Registered Nurse

Certified Critical-Care Registered Nurse is one of the Most Popular Nursing Master’s Degree Specializations

8. Certified Critical-Care Registered Nurse Specialization

A Certified Critical-Care Registered Nurse provides highly specialized care to patients in critical condition or suffering from life-threatening injuries. They work in areas like emergency rooms and ICUs where advanced care methods are the norm. Critical care nurses are also referred to as trauma care specialists because of the fast-paced, high-pressure environment in which they work daily.

9. Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Specialization

An Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner can care for patients who work with adult patients of all ages. They can provide care to individuals of advanced age and deal with health conditions that are often chronic. Adult gerontological nurse practitioners often work in nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities where they can meet the advanced care needs of their patients.

10. Nurse Educator Specialization

Nurse Educators specialize in teaching advanced nursing skills to students who are working towards their nursing degrees and any specializations that fall into that category. Educators work in universities, colleges, and hospitals providing hands-on instruction. Nurses with an advanced specialization can teach using their unique experiences to provide much-needed insight.

Choosing Your Nursing Specialization

There are many nursing specialization you can choose to pursue. Regardless of the one you choose to study, more education will give you the knowledge, skills, and ability to care for a specific patient population and to earn a higher salary.


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