Nursing in North Carolina
April 2022

Nursing in North Carolina

North Carolina Nursing

Nursing in North Carolina

North Carolina York nursing information for RN to BSN education, nurse licensing, and job and salary outlook for nurses in North Carolina.

Nursing Programs in NC

The RN to BSN programs in North Carolina provide registered nurses with opportunities to expand their learning and advance their careers. Registered nurses interested in increasing their job security, enhancing their income, or exploring nursing specialties should research RN to BSN programs in NC. In addition, Healthcare employers will often share education costs with their employees. So, contact employers to determine company policies.

BSN Programs in North Carolina

Over 20 universities offer BSN programs in North Carolina. These learning institutions, mostly CCNE or NLNAC accredited, present training programs on both part-time and full-time schedules. Many of these schools are in urban areas like Charlotte, the capital city of Raleigh, or Durham.

Additionally, many schools provide RN to BSN online programs. BSN programs in North Carolina include course topics such as nursing research, nursing leadership, community health, information technology, and gerontology. Similar coursework is also available through RN to BSN online programs. The wide variety of available programs provides flexible opportunities for nurses wanting to acquire further nursing education.

North Carolina RN to BSN

RN to BSN programs in North Carolina vary. So, contact each program to determine the required courses, how long it will take to complete the degree, when admissions are accepted, and the program’s cost. Furthermore, online programs for BSN degrees are usually designed for people already working as registered nurses. Although it can be challenging to work and go to school at the same time, online programs allow students to manage their time so they can pursue further education while continuing to bring in income. In North Carolina, RN to BSN online options often provide opportunities for students to complete field experience locally.


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