Nursing Diversity

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Nursing Diversity

A startling Statistic
87% of all Registered Nurses are Caucasian.
But, in 2014: 62% of the U.S. population was Non-Hispanic White


1878: 33 year old Mary Eliza Mahoney is accepted into a nursing program.
She had worked 15 years in a hospital before that.
At the time, the program only allowed in 1 African American, and 1 Jew in the class.
1879: Mahoney became first African American nurse in U.S

Nursing Demographics Throughout History:
Number of nurses skyrocketed: from 10,000 in 1900 to 230,000 by 1930.

In 1900 white men represented 80% of all male professional nurses, by the 1920s 98% of all such men were white.

As of 1930 only 60% of African American male children were enrolled in school.

1910: 23% of all men self-identifying as professional nurses were African American, by 1930 that number dropped to only 10%

98 years later: while RNs are still mostly white, there is greater diversity:

2008, the RN population comprised:

83.2% non-Hispanic white
5.4% African American
3.6% Hispanic
5.8% Asian/Native Hawaiian
0.3% American Indian/Alaska Native
and 1.7% multiracial nurses

2015: Not much has changed:
There are 2,694,540 RNs in U.S.
Of All RNs:
87% are Caucasian
4.9% (133,041) are African American
3.7% (93,415) are Asian or Pacific Islander
2% (54,861) are Hispanic
0.5% (13,040) are American Indian or Alaska Native
1.2% categorize themselves as “multiracial” (two or more races)

Nurses employed full-time:
77% of Hispanic/Latino RNs
86% of African- American and Asian/Pacific Islander RNs
70% of Caucasian RNs.

In 2011, among nursing students from minority backgrounds:

26.8% were enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs

26.1% in master’s nursing programs

23.3% in research-focused doctoral nursing programs.

Of nurses who have master’s or doctoral degrees
11% are Black or African American
10.4% are Caucasian
8.4% are Hispanic

By 2060, minorities will represent 50% of U.S. population.

Question: how long do you think nursing will remain a white dominated occupation?

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