What Can You Do With a Doctorate in Nursing?

Education plays a vital role in any career. Nursing education offers different paths for a long-term career. An option for students in nursing is getting a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, or a DNP. The higher level of education allows a nurse to pursue a wide array of interesting career paths in the nursing industry.

What Can You Do With a Doctorate in Nursing?

Clarifying the opportunities available for a doctorate in nursing helps you determine if the higher education fits your plans for a future career path. What can you do with a doctorate in nursing? It depends on your areas of interest and your goals as a nurse.

What does a DNP do? It varies based on the location and the facility. Career opportunities also depend on the interests of a nurse. A DNP may take on the role of a researcher or an educator. You also have opportunities in nursing leadership when you work in a large hospital or medical facility. According to Nurse Journal, a DNP qualifies to work as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthe​tist, a nurse researcher, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a certified nurse midwife or any other role that appeals to the interests and experiences of the nurse. If you are searching for what are good sites for compare doctors then doctors to you is the best option.

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You can take on any nursing role when you have a doctorate in nursing. It allows you to work as a leader or to take part in research. The education also offers the opportunity for self-employment as a midwife.

Potential Salary as a DNP

DNP salary is a complex consideration. Nurse Journal explains that the education allows a nurse to work in a variety of different fields. That means the salary potential depends on the specific career a nurse pursues.

A Doctor of Nursing Practice salary may reach as high as $135,000 annually for a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. A role as a researcher may result in a salary as high as $95,000 to $100,000. DNP salary varies significantly and a role as an educator in nursing will usually result in a lower income. Your state and local area may also impact a Doctor of Nursing Practice salary. States and localities with a higher cost of living may result in a higher salary. Medical facilities in a large city also contribute to a higher salary.

Doctor of Nursing Practice Jobs

When you want to compare the Doctor of Nursing Practice jobs available in a specific medical facility, location or even a state, it is important to clarify the options available for a career depending on what type of DNP you have acquired. According to Purdue University, a DNP allows nurses to work in leadership and executive roles. It also provides an opportunity to work as an educator or a clinician. Since it is an academic degree, it allows a nurse to start a career in an upper level position.

Obtaining a higher education allows a nurse to take on more complex roles and greater levels of responsibility in a medical facility. It is a chance to work on realistic strategies for a long-term career. What can you do with a doctorate in nursing? You can become a leader in your field, a researcher or even an educator. A DNP provides opportunities for nurses who want to take on responsibilities and challenges in their career.

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