Is a Second-Degree Accelerated Online BSN Right For Me?

When you decided to go to college the first time, you might have been thinking of college as a great escape, a way to learn about yourself and the world outside of the watchful gaze of your parents. Whether it is an online masters degree or a correspondence degree, you know you want it to help people or change the world, but you weren’t quite sure which degree actually did that. Maybe you majored in liberal arts, participated in clubs and groups, and met amazing people. You set yourself up for a successful college experience and got out with a degree and a lot of questions about what’s next. Perhaps even finding yourself seeking a second-degree.

You tried a few things, met some more amazing people and worked really hard, but somehow being a barista or office worker wasn’t what you had in mind when you were giving it your all debating other students in class about Very Important Issues. Now you want to try again, this time centralizing the themes of “rewarding career” and “good salary” and “solid employment“as you decide. If this sounds like your path, you you may be closer than you think. In fact, you’re a perfect candidate for a second-degree, an Online Accelerated Bachelor’s in Nursing degree (BSN).

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How Do I Learn in an Online BSN Program?

Most Online Accelerated BSN programs offer coursework that is a hybrid model, meaning some of the work is completed online, and some is completed onsite. If you are thinking to yourself, “why not fully online?”, think about how many life-saving techniques your Russian literature degree bestowed, and you’ll understand.

Textbook information, theory, discussion, and those kinds of learning modes work perfectly fine for online courses – you listen to lectures, write on discussion boards, and can even interact virtually, but you don’t need any hands-on aspects. Many nursing programs even have cutting-edge, high-tech online simulations available to show you how to do basic nursing tasks. But none of those involve actually caring for human beings, and that’s why you need hybrid learning.

The on-campus components to this degree offer students the hands-on instruction needed to take their online coursework to the next level. Neurological studies show that memories made by hearing and reading information are stored in a completely different place than memories made by or made while doing things. The latter of these are also called muscle memories. This is why many people need to “dial” a memorized phone number before they can tell it to you. The hybrid style of an Online Accelerated BSN degree ensures that you get both, so that none of the critical nursing lessons are get lost while you are in the field.

Is an Online Accelerated BSN Made For People Like Me?

A unique characteristic of the Online Accelerated BSN is that they are specifically designed to cater to the second degree student, or a student who already has achieved their bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field. As a result, many of these programs accept much of your previous coursework as prerequisites, and let you jump directly to the nursing-exclusive aspects of this degree.

Another key component of this demographic of students includes the many ways that being older, more mature in many ways, and having a more focused sense of what you want out of your degree is highly appealing to recruiters at clinics and hospitals looking for top-notch nurses. Being older and more mature also means that you may have a family, take care of a parent, or otherwise have responsibilities that require flexibility from a second-degree option, but it also means that you understand the rigors and demands of being a caregiver more than younger, less experienced new graduates.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, a strong foundation in liberal arts, humanities, and science, and want to make a difference in real people’s real lives, consider an Accelerated BSN as a second-degree. And if you think you’re too busy to go back to school, you’re not – colleges and universities everywhere will come to you.

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