Top 50 Nursing Blogs

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These blogs stand out as the very best in nursing. They will help you identify major players in a specific niche. Or even lead to networking and employment opportunities.  One thing these best blogs all have in common: They stand out for their very high quality, warmth and passion. They entertain and inspire, while providing a look into what it takes to be a nurse.

We compiled 50 top blogs with topics ranging from fun nursing blogs, helpful nursing student blogs to blogs that offer career tips. Bookmark this list for a great group of industry experts and insiders that can help you reach your nursing goals. Or just make you feel good about what you do.
What follows is a list that includes the best of both personal blogs published by individuals and incredibly detailed, research-rich blogs run by institutions or groups. The list is a combination of personal selection and scientific rankings by Google.

50. EDNurseasauras, Still in the Trenches

Blog subject: Life as an E.R. nurse, personal anecdotes

EDNurseasauras, Still in the Trenches is a funny name for a blog, which in no way detracts from the content, which is superlative. You’ll enjoy the blogger’s sense of humor as she describes herself: she earned a BSN 34 years after finishing a diploma program and claims to be one of the world’s oldest nurses still working at the bedside. Meanwhile, she laments the fact that most of her peers have moved onto management, teaching, and bartending.

All kidding aside, EDNurseasauras has been an ER nurse for 38 years and her musings and commentaries on that service are sometimes heart-tugging, other times insanely amusing, but always interesting and compelling reading. Thank goodness for bloggers like this who are willing to open up their lives to all of us who want an inside peak at what it’s really like working in the E.R.

49. Evidence-Based Nursing

Blog subject: best nursing practices, research reviews

Anyone involved in any way with the nursing profession would do well to check in regularly with this incredibly informative (and newsy) blog, which is produced by the editors and writers at Evidence Based Nursing magazine, a quarterly publication. This is an amazingly rich blog, and it is quite easy to navigate to the many postings available free on the home page. [There is even more content available if you are a subscriber to the magazine.] Use the pull down menus and click on all the content as you scroll down the page.

EBN selects from health-related literature, research studies and reviews that report on important advances relevant to best nursing practice. The clinical relevance and rigor of the studies is assessed by EBN bloggers to identify research that is relevant to nursing. A commentary on chosen articles identifies the key findings and relevant implications for clinical practice. Commentaries on chosen articles identifies the key findings and implications for clinical practice. This is impressive stuff for anyone in the profession just looking to keep up with the voluminous amount of technical and scientific research that comes out almost weekly, it seems. In contrast to those blogs that are personal diaries of the nursing experience, this particular blog is all facts, research and insights on recent developments in nursing practices. Highly recommended, it is the 50th top viewed blog, according to Google. The blog is owned by the BMJ Publishing Company, operating out of London, England.

48. Digital Doorway

Blog subject: nursing education

It’s not surprising that this blog, written by “Nurse Keith,” a self-professed nursing coach, has garnered a loyal following. The design of the page is simple and utilitarian and the postings are, in Nurse Keith’s own words, “reflections on nursing, coaching, healthcare, and other floatsam and jetsam.” You get the picture. His postings are filled with solid, but subjective content, presented in a casual, easy to access way.

Nurse Keith’s passion is coaching nurses and healthcare professionals so that they have the most satisfying personal and professional lives possible. Besides his posts, he offers coaching on a variety of life areas, including: self-care and burnout prevention, nurse entrepreneurship, career management, blogging and writing, social media and networking. Some of his most recent postings, for example, include movie reviews (“Bellhaven”) and book reviews (“The Call of Nursing.”). Nurse Keith’s alter ego is Keith Carlson, who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is co-host and co-founder of RN.FM Radio.

47. Your Career Nursing: Helping Nurses Succeed

Blog subject: alternative nursing careers, personal development

Tina Lanciault is a blogger who happens to also be a nurse. She has been writing about alternative nursing careers for about 4 years, and her website is a compilation of the of the resources that helped “turn her nursing career from an exhausted and resentful nurse into a nurse who feels empowered, energized and enthusiastic” about her life and career. What’s really cool is that the site is not just informational, it is uplifting, funny, inspirational, and most of all useful, chronicling the best in nursing.

Tina’s once called her blog “different types of nursing,” but she has switched gears, deciding not to just talk about alternative and unique nursing careers but to add personal development and career planning to better serve a nurse’s career needs. Lots of good, readable content here.
But be forewarned (and Tina is upfront about this): she does make money with advertising and links to products and services she uses.

46. Removed by editor.

45. Removed by editor.

44. Correctional Nurse

Blog subject: correctional (jailhouse) nursing

It’s one of the less talked about nursing fields: correctional nursing, and blogger Lorry Schoenly, PhD, RN, CCHP-RN is a nurse author and educator specializing in the field of correctional health care. Schoenly has dedicated her blogging to making visible the challenging profession of nursing in a correctional environment. [She also has a podcast, Correctional Nursing Today, in which she reviews correctional healthcare news and interviews correctional health care leaders.]

Talk about stress. Nurses in this environment have to focus on care for incarcerated individuals in jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities: not easy duty. These patients are often the most needy and most disadvantaged citizens requiring quality healthcare. This population, she points out in one of her blogs, is growing. One in 100 Americans is in some part of the corrections system. Her website not only features her personal insights, but basic news items, social media insights and interviews. It’s a challenging field and Schoenly’s postings are in tune with the latest developments. For those interested in the field, this is indispensable.

43. ONS Connect

Blog subject: oncological nursing

ONS Connect is the official site of the news magazine of the Oncology Nursing Society, and as such, it is contains an enormous number of postings relevant to this specialized field of nursing. A series of blogs can be found on a pull-down menu, and for people in the field (or considering it) the topics couldn’t be more important. Just recently, bloggers covered “Compassion burnout,” and “Tips to make your performance evaluation rock.”

The site currently posts blogs from more than 10 writers, and its diversity of thought that makes their opinions and insights so valuable. Besides the personal insights, there is a section on the latest oncology news and a series of well written columns. All of this is presented in a very clean, easy to navigate format. If this is your chosen field, ONS Connect should be where you check in regularly.

42. Removed by editor.

41. Nurse on the Run

Blog subjects: acute patient care, plus inspirational anecdotes

Lorettajo Kapinos is a nurse on the run, which conveniently, is the name of her blog. What exactly does that mean? Her postings are all about educating her peers and simplifying physician queries. She has the experience to do so, having been a nurse for 15 years.

A University of Massachusetts graduate, Kapinos, who has been a nurse for 15 years, has explored long-term care, acute inpatient care and emergency nursing. She spent more than a decade in a large, level 1 trauma center. Her work as a blogger seems to be focused on inspiring other nurses, suggesting ways to give them confidence. A recent post, for example, talks about building confidence in an ever changing climate. Kapinos, quite rightly, feels that nurses should feel confident in whatever it is they do and her postings seem dedicated to that proposition.

40. Removed by editor.

39. Removed by editor.

38. Removed by editor.

37. Removed by editor.

36. Removed by editor.

35. Removed by editor.

34. Removed by editor.

33. Removed by editor.

32. Clinical Cases and Images:

Blog subject: case studies by professors at University of Chicago

The blogs on this site are taken right out of the classroom. This is a clinical case study site posted as part of a curriculum of medicine by professors at the University of Chicago, and to students and experienced nurses alike, the cases all have great educational value.

A little background: This case-based curriculum was started by physicians at Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University for the purpose of medical education (no real-life case descriptions are included). All case descriptions are fictional, similar to the descriptions you can find in a multiple choice questions textbook for board exam preparation. Still, the lessons are invaluable teaching tools. There are videos explaining how to conduct physical exams, and a fully-fledged ECG-trainer online.

31. Tales of a School Zoned Nurse

Blog subject: school nursing

“Tales” is one of those charming slice of life blogs, this one written by a school nurse. I love these blogs. Everyone who ever attended any school at one point or another had to deal with a school nurse, and did you ever wonder about their experiences? That’s what this very warm, funny and sometimes serious blog is all about.

The blogger, no name given, is a school nurse doing what school nurses do: standing rigid in the front-lines of the war against lice, patching up playground boo-boos, begging parents to bring their child’s emergency medication to school, and helping the snacks in the teacher’s lounge mysteriously disappear. She covers two elementary schools and a middle school that she laughingly refers to as Disneyland, Diabetic Land, and Teenage Wasteland. Sometimes her job is funny, sometimes it’s heartbreaking, and sometimes it’s rewarding in a way words can’t describe; above all, it’s unique. As is this blog.

30. Cases Blog: Medical and Health Blog

Blog subject: instructional videos, case studies

Another cases blog, this one a bit less clinical than Cases and Images, but still coming from professors at the University of Chicago. The site includes several instructional videos, such as the Mayo Clinic’s Patient Education video series on constipation or a blog on how twitter brings patients to the Mayo Clinic.

The site links to several other categories of medicine, from cardiology to pulmonary or oncology. The site is updated daily. All cases, bloggers stress, are fictional. These are the kinds of sites that students flock to, but if you’re already a nurse, it’s good to ascertain where your profession is headed, and college professors usually know.

29. Call Lights Magazine

Blog subject: lifestyle magazine format

Call Lights is an online lifestyle magazine written by nurses for nurses. Some postings (articles) are of a general nature —after all, nurses are people too — but in other nursing related articles, an RN offers knowledgeable advice about what to do if you accidentally miss a shift. It’s a mistake nurses dread making, but a professional recovery is possible. The ezine portends to summon the power of nurses while covering social events and parties.

What’s really unusual about this is its swift move from town to town due to inclement weather. If you can’t keep up with them, simply contact us for more information about upcoming events.

28. Removed by editor.

27. On Your Meds

Blog subject: medication

Medication is the focus of this highly intelligent, fact-filled website, with blogs by Barbara Olson, a registered nurse who completed a fellowship with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices. Olson’s subject of choice concerns medication and patient safety. If you prescribe, dispense, or administer medications you’ll find information to help you identify and evaluate safest medication use practices at On Your Meds. The information offered by the blog author is consistent with current safety practices and should be used to stimulate discussion and evaluation.

Posts by Olson address beliefs, habits, and activities that may impact safest use of medications while they are in the control of professionals and consumers. The site does ask for reader comments, but they are subject to Medscape’s community code of conduct. Individuals seeking specific information about a drug’s efficacy, indication, dose, or safety profile should consult an appropriate drug information resource. But short of that, this blogger knows her stuff and this is a site that is well worth checking out on a regular basis.

26. Women’s Health

Blog subject: women’s health

WebMD runs a group of expert blogs and this one, focused on Women’s Health issues, is among their best. Written by two bloggers, both doctors, Jane Harrison-Hohner, and Laura Corio, their postings feature commentary on a gamut of women’s health issues. Both Harrison-Hohner and Corio are detail-oriented physicians and their coverage of major issues is precise and understandable…not just by nurses, but by the general public as well.

Briefly, their credentials: Harrison-Hohner is a women’s health care nurse practitioner with nearly 30 years of experience. She is a certified menopause clinician and has been a frequent speaker on issues related to women’s health. Corio, meanwhile, is a board certified ob-gyn with a successful medical practice in New York City. She is also an attending physician at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, where she teaches medical students and residents. This is a strong blog site, and an important one that should be read on a regular basis.

25. Removed by editor.

24. Nursing Blogs at Johns Hopkins University

Blog subject: all subjects by Johns Hopkins students, professors

Any nursing blogs produced by the internationally prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing can be expected to include first-rate examinations of critical issues in the field, and this site certainly meets, or even exceeds expectations. Written by former and current students and faculty staff the blogs represent a full range of nursing experiences, from students relating their impressions on a mission trip to St. Croix, Haiti, where they learned about and contribute to public health in that country, to more generalized blogging subjects like healthcare simulations and aging issues.

Although viewers might be tempted to stay away from the site, believing it to be for Johns Hopkins’ students or graduates only, that would be a mistake. If you are vitally interested in nursing, then there is great value in keeping up to date with the goings on at one of the world’s greatest teaching institutions.

23. HC Pro: The Leader’s Lounge

Blog subject: healthcare compliance issues, regulations

Produced and managed by HCPro, a company that provides information to the healthcare compliance, regulation, and management industry, the Leader’s Lounge is a blog written for nursing managers. And it’s amazing. The range of subjects on this blog is truly mind-boggling, until you realize the scope of functions a nursing manager must master.

On the home page, managers can explore blogs on everything from psychological situations at work: nurse to nurse hostility, nurse to physician communication and leadership and care for the caregiver, to technology, finance and budgeting. No wonder this is such a popular site destination. The blog’s stated mission is improving healthcare through superior education, regulatory compliance, and practical tools and guidance.

22. Ultimate Nurse Blog

Blog subject: a fun look at the profession

Ok, so it’s called the Ultimate Nurse blog and its written by bloggers Peter, Jenna and Janet (no last name given) and its filled with posts that are fun (nurse photo contest) and practical (job outlooks, nursing as a second career). So far, so good. This is an example of a blog that is so interesting in terms of the topics selected, readers just keep coming back and it almost doesn’t matter that the bloggers don’t exactly post a lot.

That said, the bloggers are good writers and they communicate in a way that other nurses, and friends of nurses can enjoy and relate to. The site has an extensive archive of past blogs going all the way back to 2008. Hopefully, based on what has already been posted on Ultimate Nurse, they’ll get back to work on their blog.

21. Sunbelt Staffing

Blog subject: posts by a major staffing company

You might think that a blog managed (and owned) by Sunbelt Staffing, an employment agency, would just be about using their services and available jobs. Well, this blog is all that and a lot more … of significant value. But let us be clear: a large portion of the Sunbelt Staffing site is devoted to job openings and how Sunbelt can play a role in your gaining employment.

That said, blogger Howard Gerber is a wonderful writer with a good sense of the topics that interest nurses, and anyone even marginally taken in by the profession would do well to check this blog on a regular basis to see what Gerber is writing about. The blogs come fast and furious here…no waiting weeks or months, which makes content fresh, relevant and up to the minute.

20. Soliant Health

Blog subject: tips from a major staffing firm

Soliant Health, which runs this blog, is one of the largest healthcare staffing companies in the U.S., which makes this an attractive online destination for nurses, both those looking for work or those looking to switch employers.

The content of the blog is spot on, however. Commendations are due immediately for a June posts listing the handiest medical apps for Apple devices. Blogger Tera Tuten is also wise to mine the thoughts and mindset of her followers by running a contest inviting readers to post their special nursing moments. That kind of social interaction, played up by the blog, is the kind of activity that brings the community of nurses together, and makes this blog a go-to destination.

19. Removed by editor.

18. Nursing Informatics

Blog subject: technological advancements in the workplace

Transforming health care through technological innovation is the stated purpose of this blog produced by HIMSS, a cause-based, global enterprise producing health IT thought leadership, education, events, market research and media services around the world. Sounds like a mouthful, but in fact, the bloggers, and there are too many individuals blogging to mention here, are good at communicating the latest developments in nursing technologies.

It is no longer the wave of the future to say that IT in the hands of medical practitioners will save lives, and this blog is on the cutting edge of research. But don’t be intimidated. The postings are easy to read and the subjects are not always just about IT issues. One of their recent blogs is about the benefits of mentorship; another simply is a personal story, the bloggers “personal journey into the world of nursing informatics.” Technology is moving fast. Blogs like this make all that is happening in technology a little bit easier to understand.

17. Noggin Blog

Blog subject: education, teaching nursing

How could anyone pass up a blog with a fun name called Noggin Blog? Even better is the blog’s mission. It’s for nursing and healthcare instructors/educators, providing teaching tips, resources and suggestions for bringing technology into the classroom.

The home page is a joy to behold, with fun graphics spouting several reasons to be glad it’s a Friday after a full week of work. Nikki Yeager is the blogger and she has a wonderful sense of humor, as evidenced by her postings. Aimed at teachers, Yeager blogs about summer vacations, summer travel discounts, and the importance of using summer as a time to de-stress. Her personal observations about life are priceless. This is a most enjoyable blog, and a fun read for anyone, not just nurses.

16. Diversity Nursing Blog

Blog subject: diversity in the workplace

The blogs here are part of a greater website, which launched in 2007 as a career job board and Information resource for nurses, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, education, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or physical characteristics. Written by several different bloggers, the postings are meant to appeal to nurses at all levels of experience— student nurses up to CNO’s.

Diversity in the workplace is certainly a topic worthy of a blog and this one does not disappoint, covering a wide variety of topics such as how men are rapidly joining the nurse workforce. Another blog is aimed at the school nurse population, and explains how giving school nurses access to medical records improves care. Of course, besides the blogs, followers can learn about schools or potential employers with some quick clicks around the website.

15. Removed by editor.

14. BluePipes Blog

Blog subject: best practices

While BluePipes is a professional networking platform dedicated in general to healthcare professionals, many of the BluePipes blogs revolve around best practices in resume writing and how to find a job. Considering the growing job market for nurses now and in the future, that’s not a bad place to be, and these postings should be amazingly helpful for young, or even experienced nurses looking for work.

Although there are some unnamed guest bloggers here, most of the posts are written by Kyle Schmidt, director of product at BluePipes. Schmidt cleverly has tailored his blogs to fit this time of year, when nursing schools have had graduation and students are seeking work. How to craft a resume, who to send it to, recognizing your strengths as a nurse… all are topics on the table, presented in several postings. The blogs are easy to read, well written and relevant.

13. Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose

Blog subject: warm stories, anecdotes about a life in nursing

This is one of those warm, inviting blogs posted by someone you instantly realize has years of experience in her profession. Nurse Barb Dehn is a nurse practitioner, but she also advertises herself as a mom, wife, friend, sister and neighbor. People, she says, were always asking her for health advice. Hence the blog. Let’s be clear then: Nurse Barb, the blog, is out to inform followers who are not necessarily already in the profession. This is not an insider blog, but an advice column by a nursing professional, offering over the counter tips on health… and life.

The blog translate complicated medical information to help people navigate their way toward better health and wellness. Nurse Barb is out to help you find the information you need to make the best decisions for your health and the health of your family. It’s a great blog. And the language she uses is similar to that which you might use in speaking to a friend over a cup of coffee. Friendly. Informative. And well written.

12. A Journey through Nursing…and Beyond

Blog subject: the real life of a busy nurse

How can anyone not love this blog? It is the best of what blogs have always been about from the start, personal stories or, as she says, a living ongoing real time diary, a peek into the life “of me.”
The blogger (since 2008) is a stair-stepper nurse, who went from CNA to RN, while being a Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) patient, wife, and mother of two. What draws people to this blog is her joy of nursing, combined with a diary like journey through the ups and downs of nursing school, the roller-coaster that is marriage and the drama of parenting teens. All while attempting to start a nursing career, furthering her education, and losing weight. Nursing students and experienced caregivers will easily be able to relate to this compelling blog, which just keeps getting more interesting with every posting, reflecting the twists and turns in her life.

11. At Your Cervix

Blog subject: tales of a Certified Nurse Midwife

Sometimes the title of a blog tells it all: in this case, At Your Cervix: Tales of a new CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife), year one. The postings are intensely personal, fun, and give a good insight into the mindset of someone who wants to be a CNM. A favorite post: “What I wish I learned about in School.” The blogger, who doesn’t give her name, insists she is not posting medical advice, only her thoughts and opinions; a good enough reason to visit this blog regularly.

The blogger is an avid supporter of natural childbirth, although, she does support each individual woman’s decisions for the birth that she wants to have. “Epidural? Yep. If that’s what you want. C-section? Ok, as long as you have full informed consent (the same with epidurals).” She points out that nothing is without risk: nothing. Even a simple vaginal birth has its own risks involved. And so a disclaimer (for those who follow the blog): always consult with your midwife or physician about your own health care.

10. The Nurse Practioner’s Place

Blog subject: nurse practitioners

Posted by “NPs Save Lives” is a nurse practitioner blog/website with information relevant to nurse practitioner practice. The blog also includes links to other nurse practitioners, nurses, and medical professional sites.

As with all of the most popular nursing blogs, this mixes personal anecdotes, some venting, and reflections on a nursing life with practical information. This nurse, based in Florida (the only clue to her identity), has much to say about the field and her life in it. Issues like burnout, and how to prevent it…and whether to shadow a location before working there, offer great personal insights on how this woman dealt with the ups and downs of her working nursing life. NP’s blogging is wonderfully conversational, but she also links to sites that would help others learn more about the profession.

9. Travel Nurses

Blog subject: travel nursing

Travel nurses are hired by travel agencies for their ability to hit the ground running. Travel Nurses is a blog, more like a forum, for all things pertaining to the occupation. The forum aspect of this blog is what makes it different from most of the other blogs on this list.

In effect, it’s “all in” as registered visitors can post comments on the blog to their hearts content. And they do. What are current pay rates for California hospitals? Patient ratios in an ICU in Indiana? Politics in a Florida hospital? Can you find housing in New York City? These are just some of the current topics being discussed on this incredibly useful blog. Anything goes on this site. But you need to know that covers just about all specialties in the profession. It’s the travel nursing page, however, that gets all the traffic, and isn’t that appropriate? Well managed, go to this site and you’ll be able to read about issues relevant to different parts of the country. A terrific blog.

8. Nurse Alice Benjamin

Blog subject: clinical nursing, life in the E.R., inspirational anecdotes

If you haven’t seen her on TV or listened to her on the radio, you might have visited her blog. She’s nurse Alice Benjamin, a nationally board certified clinical nurse specialist with over 15 years experience in cardiovascular health. She is a community health activist and involved member of several professional health organizations. Most notably she is the first African American nurse elected to the American Nurses AssociationCalifornia Board of Directors, is an American Heart Association spokesperson. And that’s just the half of it.

Benjamin’s blog, Tips to Living a Healthy Life, revels in the joy of nursing and helping others. As a heart specialist, she has posted tips on keeping your heart healthy and ways to de-stress. This is a highly professional blog with portals that can even help you understand the Affordable Care Act. The content here is off the chart useful, presented in an easy to view format.

7. Off the Charts: AJN (American Journal of Nursing)

Blog subject: prestigious postings by the AJN

Off the Charts is an American Journal of Nursing blog and as such, presents a wealth of material posted by the best writers in the medical field. Content is king here. Scroll through the posts and you’ll find articles of all types made available.

Editors and staff writers at the magazine understand what’s important to rank and file nurses, and the mix of posted articles reflect that insider knowledge. One posting discusses health care disparities for LGBT patients. Another posting concerned the legitimacy of “handshake free” health care. Get the picture? The range of ideas covered in this blog is enormous, or should we say enormously helpful?

6. Nursing Law and Order

Blog subject: legal issues in nursing

This blog offers no legal advice, but it does provide useful commentary on legal issues facing nurses. The blogger, hereafter known as the Nursing Law Bandit according to the recount of its success by Maedgen Accident Attorneys in Dallas, is a nurse license defense attorney and consultant and the posts discuss certain legal situations that nurses can face.

Some sample posts include: Retaining a lawyer to defend your nursing licenses and regulatory compliance and the nurse business owner. Obviously this is a blog worth bookmarking, but it’s not for everyone, although we would recommend that it be looked at on a regular basis because you might someday need the kind of advice the Nursing Law Bandit dispenses on a regular basis. The categories covered from the blog range from Criminal Law 101 to Substance Use, and Abuse. This is a blog with bite. Go to it as a starting point if you need advice, prior to finding a lawyer.

5. According to Kateri: a Blog

Blog subject: life lessons

This is a great blog that (like all the good ones) mixes life lessons with wise advice based on experience. The blogger, Kateri, is young and mobile. In her mid 20s, she lives in New York City, and received her Associate’s of Applied Science in Nursing from St. Joseph’s College of Nursing and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Le Moyne College, both in Syracuse NY. She works as a Registered Nurse in Pediatric Intensive Care and recently left the small city she had spent her entire life in to start over in Manhattan.

Kateri’s blog started as an attempt to take ownership over her health at a time when she was feeling helpless and out of control. In recent months as her life has made big changes she has used the blog to share those life changes and her feelings related to them. Her blog is an opportunity to process and share her thoughts and experiences as she works to focus her energy on health and happiness in a way different than I have in the past. The diary like moments in her life leading up to the present are compelling. It would not be fair to say that Kateri’s experiences are almost soap opera-ish. But they are always interesting and instructive.

4. Removed by editor.

3. American Assembly for Men in Nursing

Blog subject: male nurses

There aren’t many blogs that deal specifically with men in nursing, so these postings can legitimately be called important and in some sense unique. The purpose of AAMN is to provide a framework for nurses, as a group, to meet, to discuss and influence factors, which affect men as nurses.

The postings’ stated objectives include encouraging men of all ages to become nurses and join together with all nurses in strengthening and humanizing health care. And to advocate for continued research, education and dissemination of information about men’s health issues, men in nursing, and nursing knowledge at the local and national levels. The site, however, is more a vehicle for than your more traditional blogs. With that understanding, the blog serves an under-represented population in the blogosphere.

2. Removed by editor.

1. 10 Centimeters and Beyond

Blog subject: a life in nursing, anecdotes about motherhood

The best bloggers know how to relate, through their postings, moments in their life that others can understand. So it is with Nurse Lochia, who since 2007 has been blogging on her life experiences. Of course, she’s a nurse, working a night shift as an L&D RN in a medium size hospital in the Midwest. She is also a mother of four children.

She is brutally honest about her own life. She became “unexpectedly” pregnant July 2009, but sadly that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. She’s had a wide range of OB experiences: from a vaginal birth, emergency c/s, scheduled delivery, preterm delivery, incomplete miscarriage and all of those fun medications used to stop preterm labor. This blog is about her experiences as she stumbles through motherhood, all mixed in with her experiences as a L&D RN, having been on both sides of the stirrups and surgeon’s blade. This blog draws you in like a magnet. Her life is laid open like a book with postings that you won’t soon forget after reading them. May this blog go on forever…or at least another 10, 20 years.