Where Do Nurses Work?
April 2022

Where Do Nurses Work?

Where Do Nurses Work?

Where do Nurses Work?

Nurses work in many jobs other than a traditional hospital setting, especially if they have a specialization or certification. Depending on their interests and goals, a nurse can work in various fields and industries. While the best places to work for nurses focus on medicine and patient care, you have alternatives to traditional clinics and hospitals.

Traditional Nursing Jobs

The obvious places for a nurse to work are traditional environments. Working in a hospital or a clinic allows a nurse to work directly with a patient in a clinical setting. A nurse may also work in a doctor’s office to help support a private practice. A large percentage of nurses work in clinics, hospitals, and private practice settings. You can also expect to find nurses in schools who work directly with children and students. A school nurse focuses on the needs of students throughout the school year.

Where Can Nurses Work Besides Hospitals?

That depends on the goals and interests of the nurse. It is not always necessary to work directly with a hospital or clinic. The happiest nursing jobs may focus on private companies or unexpected places of employment.

For nurses who want to work with patients directly, you can work in your patient’s home. A nurse who provides treatment to patients at home focuses on elderly individuals or those with specific disabilities and may need extra support in their day-to-day lives. The advantage of working from a patient’s home is that you can give your patient all your attention without distractions. It is a rewarding career opportunity for nurses who want to avoid the fast-paced environment but focus on clinical work.

Private Employment for Nurses

Private companies may offer nurses positions for medical research. A private medical research firm focuses on finding new technology or treatments that help patient health. The advantage of working in a research position is identifying and finding new ways to address chronic and acute conditions. In addition, biomedical research positions allow nurses to focus on the challenges within medicine.

Theme Park Nurses

Working in a theme park may seem unexpected, but many theme parks hire nurses to provide first aid and medical care to guests. In addition, nurses who work in a theme park are often the first medical professionals available to handle an emergency or accident.

Nurses as Medical Writers

Another job a nurse may work is as a medical writer. These jobs involve technical writing with a focus on health. Academic nurse writers focus on scholarly works like textbooks and journals. In addition, you can also work for private publications like magazines or websites to provide information about current research or medical practices.

Nurse Educators

Nurses may also take on roles within colleges and universities. For example, a nurse may work as an educator to teach aspiring nurses the skills they need to practice in their field. You may also work as part of the staff at a college or university to provide care to students while offering support to educators in nursing who may need assistance at different times. The Nurse Educator’s opportunities in teaching depend on your interests and goals.

Legal Nurses

Legal work is another nursing area outside the traditional hospital and clinical work. A legal nurse consultant or a legal nurse works directly with lawyers and law professionals to identify concerns within the law. It is particularly helpful to law firms that focus on cases related to medical malpractice and related topics because a nurse can help lawyers determine when medical professionals have not complied with regulations or laws.


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