10 Best Nursing Schools in Seattle for 2021

One of the fastest-growing regions in the US, Seattle, Washington and all of its booming suburbs have created a significant demand for educated, experienced, and capable nurses. Fortunately for a growing healthcare demand, there is also a number of top-notch nursing schools in the region to prepare those nurses for their field.

When a person wants to attend a nursing school in Seattle WA, he or she should first perform a search and discover which nursing schools in Seattle Washington there are. A prospective nursing student should specifically look for nursing schools in Seattle WA that are accredited nursing schools in Seattle. A person will need to attend one of the accredited nursing schools if he or she would like to take the NCLEX, which is a required exam for nurses to become nurses.

How We Ranked the Best Nursing Schools in Seattle

TopRNtoBSN features only accredited, trustworthy colleges and universities offering a range of nursing degrees. Programs are ranked according to factors that show students they can have faith in their degrees, including tuition cost, salary potential, reputation, and variety of degree options.

1. University of Washington

The University of Washington has one of the best nursing schools in Seattle. Students who complete the program earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or BSN degree. With this major, students emerge ready to provide nursing services to patients. It typically takes four years to complete this degree. Following graduation, students must take the Washington state board exam to obtain their license.

The University of Washington is a public school. Located in Seattle, Washington, this large institution has nearly 30,000 undergraduate enrollees. Those who apply to the University of Washington can expect some stiff competition. Fewer than half of those who apply to the school receive an acceptance letter. Besides nursing, other students study research and experimental psychology, political science and communications.

Highlight U of W is the #1 rated best college in Washington, giving students bragging rights at job interviews.

2. Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University is among the best nursing schools in Seattle. The university develops students’ character and integrity. Through robust academic work and an education grounded in Christian values, Seattle Pacific aims to create competent BSN graduates who are grounded firmly in their faith. The university is a good match for students who want a great education taught by and surrounded by those with traditional beliefs. This degree prepares graduates to serve as medical practitioners in the community.

As an above-average school, Seattle Pacific offers a private education steeped in traditional values and located in Seattle. It’s a relatively small school with just 2,800 undergraduate students. However, students who apply have an excellent chance of attending the school. Nine out of 10 students who apply to Seattle Pacific University are accepted. Other popular majors include business, psychology and education. Graduating 68% of students, The University has an excellent track record.

Highlight 93% As students say their professors give a lot of themselves while teaching and that they care about the success of their students.

3. Northwest University

Another of the best nursing schools in Seattle, Northwest University offers nursing education through the Mark and Huldah Buntain College of Nursing. The program prepares students to serve the creator by helping those who are sick. This is a great opportunity for those with conservative values who want to lead a godly professional life as well as develop expertise in nursing. Instructors at the Buntain College of Nursing our experts in the field to provide an integrated education that includes evidence-based training and Christian values as well as a diverse practice course curriculum.

Northwest University-College of Adult and Professional Studies is located in Kirkland, in the Seattle area. This private school is a small school with under 500 undergraduate students. At the Northwest University-College of Adult and Professional Studies, every student who applies receives an acceptance letter. Other majors that students choose from include theology, psychology and liberal arts

Highlight 100% acceptance that provides wide access to postsecondary education. This gives students who don’t do well on the ACT or SAT to pursue a meaningful degree.

4. Seattle University

Seattle University has one of the best nursing schools in Seattle. In fact, the Seattle University College of Nursing has faculty dedicated to producing compassionate nurses. Graduates serve as professionals in the community and show compassion for vulnerable and underserved populations. The university holds true to its Jesuit tradition and seeks to develop the whole person. There is a focus on connections between academic, practical and spiritual needs in both students and the people they will serve.

Seattle University strives to imbue a meaningful worldview on its students. Students are exceptional and focus on the future and most brim with purpose and passion to serve their faith. Graduates emerge with confidence in their skills and a deep understanding of their essential role in the community.

Highlight #33 ranked Best Catholic Colleges in America. The university is #9 ranked among the nation’s best college locations.

5. Bellevue College

Bellevue College’s status among the best nursing schools in Seattle derives from a program based on lifelong learning. The college offers flexible and accessible education for those who need high-quality credentials and a study schedule that fits around their other obligations. The nursing program responds to the needs of the community and has a diverse student population. Students emerge ready to take on the state exam and serve their communities.

Bellevue is a public college with 7,000 undergraduate students. This midsize school is located in Bellevue, WA. Students also choose liberal arts, business, network and system administration degrees.

Highlight The Bellevue acceptance rate is 100%, promising access to high-quality education to anyone who applies.

6. Everett Community College

Among the best nursing schools in Seattle, Everett Community College has a nursing program that can be completed in two years. Graduates are prepared to serve the community as health care professionals or can go onto study for their BSN.

EvCC Has over 4000 undergraduate students enrolled. Located in Everett, Washington, the public school offers 100% acceptance two applicants. Other popular majors include welding, business and liberal arts and humanities.

Highlight The school’s 100% admissions acceptance rate provides an alternative for students who test poorly on standardized exams.

7. Olympic College

Olympic College has one of the best nursing schools in Seattle. Through the Olympic College Nursing Program, students focus on assuming professional nursing roles. In a collaborative and caring environment, prospective nurses learn about optimizing health care throughout the life of their patients. The degree highlights the need for critical thinking and prepare students to use their values, skills an intellect in their professional practice.

Located in Bremerton, Washington, Olympic is one of the best nursing schools in Seattle. The small institution has 4000 undergraduate students and accepts everyone who applies. Other popular majors include the humanities, engineering and drafting and design.

Highlight 100% of applicants are welcomed by the university.

8. Highline College

Highline College has one of the best nursing schools in Seattle. Its registered nursing program gives students comprehensive coursework that balances theory and practice. Graduates of this program go on to work in long term care facilities, hospitals and other community health care settings. For those who already hold an LPN, the LPN to registered nursing option provides accelerated education. Comprehensive courses include supervised clinical practice.

Highline CC is in Des Moines, Washington, well within the Seattle area. This small school has just 3,700 undergraduate students. Anyone who wants to attend the postsecondary education opportunities at the university is welcome. Other majors include business, early childhood education and liberal arts.

Highlight With a 100% acceptance rate, students have excellent access to education at the University. Also, 74% of surveyed students said they felt that professors put a lot of time and effort into their classes.

9. North Seattle College

North Seattle College also has one of the best nursing schools in Seattle. Graduates of this program receive an Associate Degree Nursing. This ADN program Has transfer agreements with four-year institutions. By choosing a two-year curriculum, students prepare to work as registered nurses and gained skills in the laboratory, clinical practice and general coursework. New students enter a six-quarter schedule each fall. The college uses a lottery system to admit accepted students. Students can reapply if they are not selected in their first attempt.

North Seattle College can be found in the Seattle area. It is a small institution and has just 1,900 students at the undergraduate level. All students who apply are accepted at the school. Popular majors include nursing, EMT, business, and liberal arts and humanities.

Highlight About 90% of students surveyed credit their professors with exceptional classroom preparation. Also, three out of four students said that they could get the courses they needed, while 80% of students thought the workload was manageable.

10. Seattle Central College

Another best nursing schools in Seattle, Seattle Central College offers a flexible curriculum and runs an Associate in Nursing Direct Transfer Degree/Major Related Program (AN DTA/MRP). As part of a rigorous curriculum, students attend the school for two years and receive classroom, lab work and clinical experience. They merge ready to base the modern workforce or move onto a BSN program. This may be a great choice for students who wish to stay in the community for the first two years of their college experience.

Seattle Central College is open to the public. Located in Seattle, Washington, it is a small school. In fact, just 3,700 undergraduate students attend classes here. Seattle Central offers an excellent opportunity for students who test poorly on standardized exams or who may not have ideal high school grades. Popular majors at the school include nursing, business, health service preparatory studies and liberal arts.

Highlight Graduates of this program emerge ready to serve the community as nurses. They work at the forefront of health care and pursue jobs in various settings. Hospitals, at home health care agencies, community education, physicians’ offices, health clinics and other settings all require the skills of qualified nurses.

How Do I Choose a Nursing School in Seattle?

Then, a person should take a look at what the student-to-instructor ratio of each nursing school in Seattle WA is. A person wants to make sure he or she will have enough individualized attention to succeed. A person should also look at other statistics about each of the nursing schools in Seattle Washington, such as the graduation rate. This statistic will help a person see which nursing schools in Seattle WA provided students with a positive experience. A person may also want to look at the rank of each one of the nursing schools in Seattle Washington to choose one that has a positive reputation.

Another factor a person might want to consider when looking for nursing schools in Seattle WA is the price. While there are many options that can help a person go to school free or with spending as little money as possible. For instance, a person should look for nursing schools in Seattle WA that aren’t as expensive but still provide a solid education. Keep in mind that a person can obtain state and federal grants for nursing schools in Seattle WA, so a person just wants a reasonably priced school.

How is the Job Market for Nurses in Seattle?

If a person is looking for nursing jobs in Seattle, this city is the right place. It actually ranks as one of the best cities for registered nurses in the country. For one, nursing jobs in Seattle are plentiful for registered nurses. The nurse jobs in Seattle are plentiful. The nursing jobs in Seattle Washington are available for both license practical nurses and registered nurses. For instance, a person may find nursing jobs in Seattle WA are plentiful. Nursing jobs in Seattle Washington are available in nursing homes and hospitals. There are many nursing jobs in Seattle WA in hospitals because there are several hospitals in the city. A person could also look into travel nursing jobs in Seattle Washington. These are available as registered nursing jobs in Seattle WA as well as nurse practitioner jobs in Seattle Washington. Travel nurse jobs are available as registered nurse jobs for people who want to go into people’s homes who need care. Travel nursing jobs in Seattle Washington can also be found in hospice centers that send nurses into nursing homes to care for residents.

Besides the travel nurse jobs in Seattle WA for both registered nursing jobs in Seattle WA and the nurse practitioner jobs in Seattle Washington as well as the hospital and nursing home jobs, a person may also work in a doctor’s office, which Seattle has plenty of. This is an excellent place to find nurse practitioner jobs in Seattle. Many practices have openings for nurse practitioner jobs in Seattle in various specialties.

Another reason why nurse practitioner jobs in Seattle Washington are so plentiful is because of the regulations regarding nursing jobs in Seattle WA for this field. For instance, a person can open his or her own practice as a nurse practitioner. He or she doesn’t need to work under a doctor to obtain one of these nursing jobs in Seattle WA, which is beneficial and gives people with a graduate degree more of an opportunity when it comes to nursing jobs in Seattle WA.

For those who don’t have a nursing degree or are working on one, there are also nursing jobs in Seattle Washington available as nursing assistant jobs in Seattle. A person may need a certificate that takes a few weeks to earn, but it’s a job that’s highly in demand. Nursing assistant jobs in Seattle are also an excellent way for people to earn experience in the field.

How Much Do Nurses Make in Seattle?

The average nurses salary in Seattle for registered nurses is much higher than many other places in the US. The average registered nurse salary in Seattle is $86,170. The registered nurse salary in Seattle is even higher if a person works in certain specialties in medicine as a nurse. When a person compares the average nursing salary in the US to the nurses salary in Seattle, it’s several thousand per year higher. On average, a person makes $73,300 per year as a registered nurse in the country. In fact, the nurses salary in Seattle is over $10,000 per year than the country’s average. A person can also have a higher salary if he or she has a specialty, earns a master’s degree, or takes on a leadership role.

While the nursing salary in Seattle, in particular the registered nurse salary in Seattle, is higher than the rest of the country, if a person would like to make even more money in Seattle and play a more vital role in patient’s lives. While the nursing salary in Seattle for registered nurses averages more than normal, the nurse salary in Seattle is higher for those who have a degree to practice as a nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner salary in Seattle is higher than the US average as well. In fact, the average nurse practitioner salary in Seattle is $126,920 per year. This nurse salary in Seattle is higher than the registered nurse salary in Seattle is also higher than the national average for nurse practitioners.

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