What is Crisis Travel Nursing?

Are you dedicated to your career? Do you love to travel? If so, crisis travel nursing jobs may be the perfect job for you. If you are not familiar with crisis travel nurse jobs, because it is a somewhat new concept. It was developed to help alleviate the current nursing shortage in the U.S. and globally.

The popularity of travel nurses is increasing due to the increased need for experienced medical personnel. They come to the rescue in the case of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the wildfires in California, and most importantly, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Areas that were especially hard hit by COVID, like California, New York, Florida, and Arizona, and others, have been short on nursing care. Due to COVID, more medical personnel are needed for testing and the administration of the vaccine. Thankfully, these nurses drop everything and go to these areas to help those in need.

What is Crisis Travel Nursing?

Crisis travel nursing is a concept developed to help communities in urgent need of medical and nursing assistance. The nursing industry supplies nurses to work in temporary positions in areas in need of critical medical care. Get yourself a pink card Los Angeles to be prepared for any situation.

There are many benefits to these types of crisis travel nurse assignments:

  • The pay is excellent
  • Medical professions get to help people outside their geographic area
  • There are opportunities for personal growth and development

According to Nurse.org, most crisis travel nurse jobs are short term, with most contracts lasting 2-6 weeks, but could vary depending on the need. The only way nurses can get these types of crisis travel nurse jobs is to contract through one of the 340 travel nurse staffing agencies in the U.S.

For this type of position, the nurse must be:

  • Flexible
  • Ready to drop everything and go
  • Willing and able to help the hospital and unit in any way possible
  • Supportive of colleagues

The Outlook for Careers in Crisis Travel Nursing

There is a lack of data on crisis travel nursing jobs, primarily because the career is relatively new. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, there were over 3,000,000 registered nurses in the U.S.  Based on the current increase led by COVID, it is anticipated that the crisis travel nursing job market will increase by about 12% by 2028, While it is impossible to say how many crisis nurses will be needed in the future, with natural disasters and the current COVID-19 pandemic, this is a wise career choice.

Crisis Nurses are utilized specifically during emergencies and crises. It is impossible to determine what the career outlook is for this position. With the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and other emergency events, the need for additional medical services is crucial.

Travel Nurse Crisis Rates

Nursing is a challenging career, but one that is critical to our well-being. Crisis travel nursing pay rates have recently accelerated due to the COVID-19 crisis and the need for more healthcare workers.

According to ZipRecruiter.com, travel nursing crisis rates can fluctuate based on the areas you serve, your experience, specialty, and the job itself. Typically, ICU nurses are a valuable asset to any medical team and get paid more than general medical or surgical nurses. It is reported that one of the highest paying travel nurse positions was in 2020 in Stanford, California.

Here is a look at travel nurse crisis rates across the U.S. according to travelnursing.org vary greatly, from the high in Stanford to one of the lowest rates in Chicago, Illinois.

There are many other factors travel nurses have to take into consideration, in addition to salary. They need to know about housing options in the areas they are traveling to, transportation to get to the position, and amenities.

Each contract is different, so travel nurses need to review all details and be sure they know what is expected of them while they are away working. Each contract spells out the details of the job.

So, travel nurses need to review the details before signing the contract. In many cases, travel nurses must work at least 40 hours per week, which can be stressful both physically and mentally. Those that find this type of job appealing need to review all the details.

Choosing the Right Contract at the Right Travel Nurse Crisis Pay

According to travel nurse crisis pay listed on Fastaff.com, a staffing company that specializes in finding positions for travel nurses, here are some current jobs available and the travel nursing crisis rates for each:

  • Emergency room nurse in Pennsylvania: $5,893 per week
  • Medical surgery nurse in California: $6,090 per week
  • General MICU/SICU nurse in Georgia: $5,924 per week
  • General MICU/SICU nurse in New York: $6,110

You can see from the available jobs, crisis pay travel nurse jobs are very lucrative. If you are looking for a rewarding experience and have the ability to move frequently, travel nursing is a great option.


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