Using Nursing Podcasts to Learn
April 2022

Benefits of Using Nursing Podcasts to Learn

Using Nursing Podcasts

Using Nursing Podcasts to learn, entertain, and connect is easier than ever with their wide accessibility. Nursing podcasts are great for listening when commuting to work or home, or for listening to while doing tasks. But the best nursing podcasts are more than just listening to someone’s opinion about the topic of nursing. At their best, podcasts are a place of connection, education, and edification.

Using Nursing Podcasts to Learn

How Can a Nurse Benefit from Listening to Nursing Podcasts?

Podcasts for nurses cover everything from the latest in COVID-19 news to the nursing shortage and sharing techniques for different types of healthcare procedures. The nurse doing the podcast has knowledge and experience that they want to share with as many nurses as possible in order to improve the field of nursing as a whole. Nurses at all levels of education and performance stand to benefit from the knowledge of another nurse who works in the same field of nursing. Nursing podcasts can also help inform a nurse about the benefits and drawbacks of working as an LPN, RN, BSN, MSN, or NP.

Nurses are always learning about the latest in healthcare techniques in order to maintain their licensing requirements. They stay up to date to provide the best possible patient care and also stay ahead of changes in technology. However, Podcasts for nurses can give a nurse information not found in traditional education or training. Taking the time to listen to a podcast that’s relevant to the work can help a nurse gain expertise. For example, they learn how to be more effective in their role.

What Kind of Topics Are Covered by Nursing Podcasts?

Just about any and every subject in nursing is the topic of a nursing podcast. There are nurse practitioner podcasts, geriatric nursing podcasts, legal nursing podcasts, and nursing student podcasts to name a few. If there’s a nursing specialty or general topic, there’s a podcast that covers that topic. The reason for the wide range of nursing podcasts comes down to the fact that there is a wide range of nursing types, skills, degrees, focus, and occupational settings.

Nurses frequently have opinions about all the aforementioned aspects of nursing and rare is the nurse that doesn’t have something to say about their job. Podcasts for nurses are an avenue for a nurse to share their thoughts, take a look at the latest issues in healthcare, talk about the ups and downs of the job, and discuss topics with other nurses about anything that has something to do with nursing.

And nurses aren’t the only ones who make podcasts. Many major names in the private and public sectors of healthcare have regular podcasts. These podcasts inform nurses of world, national, and also local health issues that are on the horizon. Sometimes these sources are speaking from the point of view of the private entity that’s creating the podcast, sometimes the sources are speaking from a generalist point of view and don’t get into more detail than necessary. Ultimately, the podcaster is trying to get information out to working nurses in order to help inform them about what’s going on in the world of healthcare and help nurses become more effective in taking care of patients and performing duties.

What Can You Get Out of Listening to a Nursing Podcast?

What you get out of a podcast depends on why you’re listening. Are you an oncology nurse who would like to know how to better care for your patients? Or, are you a nursing student who wants to know more about what life as a nursing student entails? Whatever your focus may be, nursing podcasts give insight and share tricks of the trade. They explain how to work with administrators in a medical setting. In addition, they give a nurse the feeling of being part of a larger community of like-minded individuals. Furthermore, listening to podcasts for nurses helps a nurse learn more about why they do the things they do. In addition, it also helps to improve nursing skills.

How Do I Know if a Nursing Podcast is Trustworthy?

Nursing is based on the science of healthcare. Much of what we know we can prove through scientific studies. Nurse podcasters who discuss topics without reasonable or reliable data are almost always going to draw criticism from the medical community and be quickly invalidated. However, that doesn’t mean that bad information won’t get out into the podcast sphere and be picked up as truth.

Use your own judgment. Compare the information from the podcaster against your own knowledge, read reviews from other listeners, and keep an open mind. Sometimes the information may sound outlandish, but is solid and can be of benefit to the listener. Ultimately, it is up to the listener. They decide if what they’re hearing is something that makes sense to them and fits with accepted knowledge.


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