Nursing in Utah
April 2022

Nursing in Utah

Utah Nursing

Nursing in Utah

Utah nursing information for RN to BSN education, nurse licensing, and job and salary outlook for nurses in Utah. This state has many quality educational institutions, but access isn’t always easy when it comes to working in the nursing profession. RN to BSN programs in Utah appeal to those who have entered the nursing profession through associate programs but want to further their studies to become eligible for promotions or raises. In addition, the widespread and rural nature of much of the state dictates that RN to BSN programs in Utah provide various models to accommodate the nursing population’s diverse needs.

Types Of RN To BSN Programs In Utah

One of the most flexible and popular options in BSN programs in Utah is the Online RN to BSN. Distance learning accommodates the needs of nurses that live in remote communities located far from the major colleges and universities of the state. Without such BSN programs in Utah, many professionals could not attain further educational goals without taking costly sabbaticals from their positions. An RN to BSN online provides the opportunity for rural nurses to advance without commuting or taking time off. This educational model also serves the needs of urban nurses in Utah faced with demanding schedules that leave little time to attend classes in person.

Cost Of RN To BSN Programs In Utah

If you consider an RN to BSN online program, it’s crucial to find out about employer funding for your efforts. It’s also possible to explore federal financial aid for RN to BSN programs in Utah. In addition, many professional organizations provide scholarship opportunities in advanced nursing education, and there are loan forgiveness opportunities for students committing to service in a critical need area in the nursing profession.

Nurse Licensing In Utah

The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing handles the licensing of nurses in Utah. There are several steps the candidates must complete to get their professional license to practice in the state. Obtaining an RN license in Utah is by Exam for new nurses and by Endorsement (or reciprocity) for nurses licensed in other states. Applications and instructions are online. 

Utah Nursing Requirements By Exam:

A candidate should apply to the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing when in the final semester of their nursing program. However, an early application will allow the school to get the license as soon as possible once the candidate becomes eligible. In addition to the application, candidates are also required to submit:

  • a criminal background check
  • fingerprints
  • NCLEX-RN exam registration and fee
  • transcripts from nursing school

Candidates that pass the Exam can expect their nursing license to be mailed in about three weeks. Candidates that do not pass the Exam may submit a notice of intent to retake. The candidate must do this so that the Utah Board can again communicate eligibility.

Utah Nursing Requirements By Endorsement:

For licensure by Endorsement, you must submit license verification from the state of issuance. So whatever state issued your license has to send official proof to the Utah Board of Nursing. In addition to the application, candidates must submit:

  • verification from a current state of licensure.
  • a criminal background check
  • fingerprints

Utah – Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC)

Utah is part of the Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC allows nurses to practice in other NLC states without having to obtain additional nursing licenses. 

RN To BSN Programs In Utah – Nurse Salary And Job Outlook 

The May 2020 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Utah employs 23,690 Registered Nurses. The location quotient for Utah is 0.74, indicating the number of nurses in the state is less than the national average. Utah has one of the lowest rates of Registered Nurses per population in the nation. However, nurses are in demand which could make Utah one of the best states for the job outlook for nurses. 

 The 2020 mean annual salary for Registered Nurses in Utah is $70,034, compared to the national average of $80,010. Thus, nurses in Utah earn less than the national average. Entry-level nursing jobs in Utah average $54,560 a year, while top wage earners make around $92,160. 

Besides the lucrative paycheck, many nurses enter the field because they genuinely want to help others. Few things are more rewarding than watching a sick patient get well and go on with the rest of their lives.


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