Nursing in Nebraska
August 2019

Nursing in Nebraska

Nebraska Nursing

Nursing in Nebraska

Nebraska nursing information for RN to BSN education, nurse licensing, and job and salary outlook for nurses in Nebraska.

Nursing Programs in Nebraska

Every part of the country seems to be experiencing a nursing shortage. Earning a nursing degree and passing the NCLEX in order to obtain licensure may take as little as two years given the variety of associate degree programs available. RN to BSN programs in Nebraska are worthy of consideration for those that have already completed a shorter term of study. In some cases, the shortage of qualified professionals creates an exciting opportunity for nurses interested in advancing their careers. So, the more extensive your qualifications, the better your negotiating options as you explore specialties or promotion opportunities. If you’ve earned a two-year degree, RN to BSN programs in Nebraska can provide the means for you to further your studies and increase your professional qualifications.

Nebraska BSN

Two-year programs provide a faster path to full-time nursing employment. They also allow students to study at community colleges in many cases, saving significantly over the costs involved in university studies. An RN to BSN online can also provide an additional means of saving on studies as you advance toward your bachelor’s degree in nursing. BSN programs in Nebraska may take place on a variety of campuses, but RN to BSN online options allow those living in rural areas of the state to avoid the need to relocate or commute for classes. Additionally, many BSN programs in Nebraska are suited to the schedules of healthcare professionals that don’t work a traditional 40 hour week with eight-hour days.

RN to BSN in Nebraska

As you gain experience in nursing, you may find that there are advancement opportunities that require additional education. Some nurses decide to specialize in surgery, others in maternity, and still others in oncology. RN to BSN programs in Nebraska may be required before continuing in specializations. RN to BSN online programs allow students to obtain a four-year credential while continuing to work in the nursing profession.


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