Nursing in Nevada
April 2022

Nursing in Nevada

Nevada Nursing

Nursing in Nevada

Nevada nursing information for RN to BSN education, nurse licensing, and job and salary outlook for nurses in Nevada. If you like bright and sunny weather year-round, Nevada may be a good place for you to start or continue a nursing career! The cost of living in Nevada is lower than in many other states. There is no state income tax in Nevada and lots of job opportunities. If you want to work as a nurse in Nevada, you can prepare for a successful career in nursing with one of the RN To BSN Programs In Nevada.

Types Of RN To BSN Programs In Nevada

Many students find that a two-year RN program can provide a fast track to professional life. Still, there are advantages, as well, in earning the four-year BSN degree. Fortunately, educational institutions recognize this need well. They provide RN to BSN programs in Nevada for those who want to continue their professional development after earning a two-year RN degree. There are several options in RN to BSN programs in Nevada. This variety makes it possible for students from various areas and situations to complete their bachelor’s degrees while continuing their professional endeavors.

BSN programs in Nevada are available at both community colleges and universities. Therefore, it’s essential to consult with various institutions for requirements, especially if you are interested in an RN to BSN online. Online courses are becoming more widely available for students and provide flexibility to those wishing to study and work concurrently. In addition, RN to BSN online courses allow students to work on their studies when off. In contrast, physical classes in BSN programs in Nevada demand committing to a set class schedule. Those already working in the nursing profession understand the difficulty in complying with such class requirements when long hours and changing schedules at work are prevalent.

Cost Of RN To BSN Programs In Nevada

Some programs are more affordable than others. In considering an RN to BSN online, exploring employer compensation and assistance for furthering your education is helpful. In some cases, an employer will pay for your schooling because your advancement benefits the entire organization. Therefore, consulting with your employer may help you decide between various RN to BSN programs in Nevada.

In addition, students can seek funding sources through professional organizations in the form of grants or scholarships. Many other scholarships are available on a state and national level. In addition, your nursing school will be an excellent resource for scholarships specific to you.

Nurse Licensing In Nevada

Nevada has not become a member of the Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC). However, in Nevada, you can obtain a nursing license by Endorsement/reciprocity or by Exam. Applicants can submit either apply online through the Nevada State Board of Nursing. You can find complete details of the process on the Nevada State Board of Nursing website

Nevada Nursing Requirements By Exam

In order to obtain a nursing license in Nevada, you will need to earn a nursing degree from a nursing education program that meets Nevada’s legal requirements. After graduating, you will need to take and pass the NCLEX-RN. Then, submit your application online to the Nevada State Board of Nursing with the required application fee. You will also be required to submit electronic fingerprints and a criminal background check.

Nevada Nursing Requirements By Endorsement

The Nevada License By Endorsement application is for nurses in another state moving to Nevada with an active nursing license. To become a licensed nurse in Nevada by Endorsement, you will need to complete and submit the Nevada State Board of Nursing Endorsement Form online with the application fee. In addition, applicants must provide evidence they graduated from an accredited nursing program in the United States. Your nursing school diploma or a copy of an official transcript are also required. The date of graduation must be on the documents. In addition, you will need to provide license verification of your current nursing license and a check of your background with fingerprints.

Nevada Nurse Salary And Job Outlook  

The May 2020 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Nevada employs 23,420 Registered Nurses. The location quotient for Nevada is 0.87, indicating the number of nurses in the state is less than the national average. Nevada has one of the lowest rates of Registered Nurses per population in the nation. However, nurses are in demand which could make Nevada one of the best states for the job outlook for nurses.

In addition, the mean annual salary for Registered Nurses in Nevada is $89,750, compared to the national average of $80,010. Thus, nurses in Nevada receive excellent pay well above the average for the US.

Nevada – Your Nursing Career

Nurses in Nevada are in demand and earn great salaries. An online RN-BSN degree in Nevada can increase your employability and salary!


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