RN to BSN Programs in Oregon


If you are looking to start or continue education in the rewarding career of nursing, Oregon is a great place to be. With the shortage of nurses in the Oregon, students will find their skills very much in demand right after graduation from an RN program, but moving on to receive a BSN can open even more, higher paying jobs.

One of the best known RN to BSN Programs In Oregon is offered at the Oregon Health and Science University. Another option for RN to BSN Programs In Oregon is Linfield College. Both of these schools offer full or part time enrollment, and their programs can be taken mostly – if not entirely – as distance learning.

If you are just staring out and looking for basic BSN Programs In Oregon, both OHSU and Linfield have accelerated BSN programs. Along with these, there are several four year BSN Programs In Oregon at well rated schools such as Concordia University, George Fox University, Oregon Institute of Technology, and University of Portland.

Today, earning your degree online is also an option. A wide variety of RN to BSN online programs are available; a few more prominent examples are ASU Online, Purdue University Global, Liberty University, and University of Phoenix. When considering online learning, be sure to take several factors into account such as your self discipline, your comfort with technology, and whether or not classic, hands on learning in a classroom helps you learn better.

Whatever RN to BSN Programs In Oregon you find yourself gravitating towards, be sure to carefully study all your options and pick the school best for you. After all you know, especially if you’ve already earned a license, just how important proper nursing training is.

Sandra Janowicz

Keeley Jones
Registered Nurse

Carrie Sealey-Morris