RN to BSN - Online vs On-Campus
April 2022

RN to BSN – Online vs On-Campus

RN to BSN - Online vs On-Campus


An RN to BSN degree program is an advanced standing nursing degree for RNs and is available online, on-campus, and in a hybrid format. Many nurses with a Registered Nurse’s license (RN) want to advance their nursing career. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN Online vs On-Campus is a smart way to move to the next nursing career level.

Types of RN to BSN Programs

As you research, you will first choose from the available RN to BSN programs. Degree programs are online, on-campus, and hybrid. Before deciding about a Registered Nursing (RN) to Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree in Nursing program, it is essential to ask these relevant questions.

  • Are there RN to BSN programs near me that I can afford?
  • Can I earn an online RN to BSN near me?
  • Will an on-campus RN to BSN program near me meet my academic requirements, or would enrolling in one of the RN to BSN programs near me be more prudent?
  • Which RN to BSN online programs near me offer students the most direct path to a BSN degree?
  • Are the online RN to BSN programs near me accredited?
  • Which RN to BSN schools near me offer the most significant scholarships?
  • Will earning one of the quality RN to BSN online degrees allow me to accelerate degree completion?
  • Which RN to BSN online near me has the highest NCLEX-RN completion rate?

Research has shown a correlation between educational achievement and the patient mortality rate. This research offers evidence that more education is better for nurses. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the National Academy of Medicine now endorse the BSN degree as the preferred entry-level education for professional nurses.

Breaking Down the RN to BSN Online vs Campus Debate

RN to BSN online degrees are likely to be one of the most accessible nursing degrees to complete. Students can use a school’s distance learning platform because the BSN degree does not lead to a license or certification. Due to the licensing status, the programs for a BSN Online vs On-Campus are not regulated by the state nursing board. 

Registered Nurses are now highly encouraged to complete their Bachelor of Science in Nursing program within a predetermined time limit after being issued their RN license. Because of the flexibility, online RN to BSN programs or Online Hybrid Accelerated BSN Programs are both excellent choices for working nurses.

How Do You Choose the Right RN to BSN Program?

But which RN to BSN program near me would allow me to meet my career goals? How does an RN decide which online or campus-based RN to BSN programs near me would be the best fit? The bottom line is you need to decide which program is the right fit for you. Young nurses may prefer the traditional campus experience. A traditional on-campus degree program can offer student clubs, networking options, internships, and practicum experiences.

However, an online RN to BSN program offers the most flexibility and convenience for many working professional nurses. Just remember to make sure the program is reputable and accredited. The program’s cost may be another factor, and the most affordable online RN to BSN may be the best choice. Many classes in the BSN degree program have no clinical or practicum requirements. However, there are many alternatives to meeting this practical requirement of the BSN degree program for the classes that do require training.

Online vs On-Campus

RN to BSN – Online vs On-Campus

Do You Have to Do Clinicals for an Online RN to BSN?

Nurses with an RN have already completed an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). Most have already fulfilled the clinical requirements for the BSN through the associate’s degree. Registered nurses licensed in the state where they work are usually not required to fulfill additional clinical requirements for an RN to BSN program. Some degree programs may require full-time employment as an RN.

Many online schools have a Practicum component completed at the end of the program. These clinical practicums often culminate in a final project that includes work service in a medical or nursing-related setting. Students frequently fulfill these community nursing projects with a current or past employer. Some students will complete the practicums at local community hospitals or nursing facilities. A student specializing in public health will often take them to an approved public medical service agency. Some degree programs have campus-intensive practicum clinical. These are usually week-long offerings using the school’s simulation lab. Some BSN programs even offer students the option of completing their online RN to BSN degree with an expedition to another country.

Your Nursing Career and Goals

Completing one of the RN to BSN online degrees will offer nursing professionals many opportunities to meet their nursing career goals. They will have more substantial earning power, broader knowledge, improved clinical skills, and new job options.


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