What is the Job Outlook for Nurses?

What is the Job Outlook for Nurses?

Nursing Job Outlook

What is the Job Outlook for Nurses?

The job outlook for nurses is positive for the foreseeable future. Nurses are in-demand across the country and the field is growing fast! When you are evaluating your career opportunities, you want to look into the job outlook or the expectations for growth in your field. The nursing job outlook is positive due to the high rate of growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects nursing jobs to grow at 15% over the next ten years. That is higher than the national average for all jobs.

The Nursing Shortage

A key reason the job market for nurses is higher than average is the current shortage of medical professionals. The current shortage of nurses stems from challenges at the educational level. Colleges and universities have limited faculty available to teach students. Many nurses and professionals continue to work in hospitals and clinics, so they are not willing to take on a role as an instructor. That limits the number of new nurses available to take on the challenges of patient care.

Despite the 3.7% growth of enrollment in nursing programs, it is not enough to meet current demands. The shortage is expected to continue in the future due to slow growth in education as well as an increasingly large number of retirees. Many nurses working now are expected to retire within ten years.

Nurses With Specialized Skills

While growth in nursing is high, specialized skills are expected to have a higher rate of growth. Nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists’ positions are expected to grow at a rate of 31% over the next ten years. That projected growth is much higher than the average for all industries and higher than the average for nursing. The job outlook for nurse anesthetist positions and similar specialized skills suggest that advancement opportunities for nurses are expected to grow within ten years.

Job growth in nursing informatics is expected to grow at 26%, which is also much higher than the national average and the average for registered nurses. A key reason for the increased growth in informatics is the rapid advances in technology. Medical facilities will need professionals to handle the increased use of technological tools.

Jobs for LPN’s

The LPN job outlook is also expected to grow at a high rate. A licensed practical nurse works under the supervision of a registered nurse or a doctor to assist with patient care. The work is expected to grow at 12% over ten years, which is also higher than the average for all industries. The advantage of working as an LPN is the opportunity to start your career while you are working on your bachelor’s degree to become a registered nurse. You can gain experience that helps with your long-term career goals.


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